Dr Who Character Building Series 2 – Rory Williams (FIGURE ONLY – NO BASE)

Small yet durable, a good addition to the Lego dr who fans collection. My 7 year old loves having this as part of his collection.

Dr Who, Future Sonic Screwdriver (5ys+)

Product Features

  • This future sonic screwdriver was seen in Series 4 and was used by Dr River Song from the Doctor’s future.
  • It includes light and sound effects and has an interchangable red and blue tip.

This one is fantastic! The whole feel of it, makes it my favourite sonic screwdriver. There are improvments to be made; the fact that you have to remove the panel to activate it for an example. It also feels slightly delicate, more for collectors than active children.

Mr. dale haithwaite future sonic screwdriver review got my son this for Christmas and he loves it great toy bit quiet but bright light 10 out of 10 for me


Having traditionally lined cinema foyers for years, now you can decorate your home, office, childrens bedroom or party venue with your favourite, movie, music or TV stars! Our lifesize and tabletop standees will turn heads and wow vistors in equal measure! They are also the perfect focus point of any themed party or perfect gift sure to delight the most avid fan.

All standees are designed self supporting and assembled within seconds. Alternatively it is possible to leave the supports flat and wall mount the standee as you wish. All standups can be folded up for easy storage.

Product Features

  • INCLUDES THE ILLUSTRATED STAR PHOTO! With your cutout you get a generous 25x20cm gloss finish photograph of John Simm (The Master) professionally produced and printed on premium, top end crystal archive quality Fujifilm photographic paper.
  • 170cm High Lifesize Cutout
  • Assembles and folds away for easy storage in seconds
  • Self Supporting
  • Suitable for gifts, bedroom decoration, home theatre decoration, wall decoration, kid’s bedrooms, office desks and parties


Product Features

  • APP 5″ TALL
  • AGES 5+

Doctor Who 12.5cm Figure – River Song

River Song is a colourful character with a smattering of Time Lord DNA. This 12.5cm high River Song action figure has fully poseable arms, legs and head, and comes with: ‘Flesh’ mask Blaster ‘Flesh’ goo pack

Product Features

  • Dr Who series 6 River Song (from srs 5)
  • Now with ‘The Flesh and Flesh Masks’

JAMES River Song Toy I think it is a great toy because its arms and legs move around and it also comes with a cool gun. I would recomand it to dr who collecters or the ones are beging.OVERALL ITS A GREAT TOY!

Doctor Who Monster Invasion Common Card #120 Amy Pond

For Sale Is A Single Card As Listed In The Title

Product Features

  • Doctor Who Monster Invasion Common Card

Amy Pond-Dr Who Life Size Cardboard Cut Standee

Amy Pond 176cms Lifesize Preorder Cardboard Cutout
Material: Photo-quality cardboard cutout

Approximately 6 Feet (176cms) Tall

Amy Pond 176cms Lifesize Cardboard Cutout has fold-out strut to the rear, which means its entirely self supporting.

This photo-quality Amy Pond 176cms cardboard cutout full sized arrives in our own specially designed rigid packaging.

Easy to assemble

Great prop for all themed Parties

Please order this item 10 Working Days In Advance.

Product Features

  • Dr Who-Amy Pond Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standee
  • BBC New Dr Who Series
  • Lifesize cardboard cutout ideal gift for any Dr Who Fan

Dr Who – Amy Pond Action Figure


Product Features

  • Suitable for ages five and up
  • This Amy Pond action figure is ready to step into the TARDIS and head for adventure!

Mrs. C. S. Judah "CAZ" Amy Pond Figure another figure that has been added to my son's collection. A really good look a like

Doctor Who Pandorica set Amy Pond Action Figure (CD05)

Product Features

  • Pandorica 5-inch action figure and audio MP3 CD collection Amy Pond. Amy Pond includes CD 05 – Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters part 1. Each 5-inch action figure includes a MP3 CD with audio book instalment and one piece of the Pandorica. Collect and build your own Pandorica CD cube case. There are three complete classic stories across 6 CDs.

Doctor Who 2010 – Pandorica Wave – Amy Pond Police Uniform

Each 5-inch action figure includes a MP3 CD with audio book instalment and one piece of the Pandorica! Collect and build your own Pandorica CD cube case!

There are three complete classic stories across 6 CDs. One CD supplied with each figure.

Amy Pond includes CD 05 – Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters part 1

Product Features

  • Features New Amy in Police Officers Uniform
  • Complete with Audio CD 5

robust toy, my children are delighted with it, will be buying more in the brand. The face is very realistic and its looks really good.

Scaroth, Last of the Jagaroth Strip-o--gram Amy! As the range of Doctor Who action figures steadily grows - incorporating both Classic and Contemporary series' - the figures get more detailed and impressive. This collection ties in with the final two-parter from 2010's Fifth series of new Doctor Who and each pack contains one figure plus an MP3 CD. (It is worth mentioning that the disc will only play on a computer, not a DVD or CD player).Even better, the CDs (and their cases) fit together to create your very own Pandorica - clever/cynical marketing but also a fan's dream!My Six year old is collecting the figures, and while not cheap they are certainly good value for money. This figure sees latest travelling companion Amy Pond (complete with cheeky police uniform) in all her feisty glory; the clothing detail is exquisite and there are plenty of moveable joints too - hours of fun is there to be had!

Doctor Who Action Figures Series 4 – Donna Noble

Donna Noble 5″ figure as featured in the 4th Series of Doctor Who alongside the 10th Doctor David Tennant.

Fully compatible with all of the 5″ figures and playsets from Character Options

Product Features

  • Series 4 Figure
  • Highly Detailed
  • Poseable
  • Brand New in Box

V. Stewart "Vicky" Donna Noble - the most important woman in creation Fantastic! My niece was really pleased with this! Hadn't been able to find Donna like this!!!! Brilliant!

DOCTOR WHO. ALIEN ARMIES. PANINI TRADING CARD. 2004. VGC. G11 Rose Tyler Children of Time Tooth and Claw.

1 loose trading card from the Alien Armies card collection

Product Features

  • trading card

Doctor Who 5″ Action Figure – Rose & K9

H. Mcinulty "mcinulty" Miss Tyler is one fantastic little lady!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this figure. Rose Tyler has her gorgeous new haircut and is wearing a fabulous outfit,which was featured in New Earth. She is not posed in a ridiculous stance and her face is not screwed up in a weird position. She has ball jointed legs making her good for doing a spot of wonderful kung-fu. She has a fantastic likeness towards Billie Piper. This figure has the best likeness of a T.V or film character I have ever seen, (as does the David Tennant figure.) Combined with her shiny little companion,K9 she's ready for a spot of alien bashing. With all the villains and the doctor she looks FANTASTIC! She's the centerpiece of my collection and I love her. But remember folks, get her before she goes, as the other Rose figure was incredibly rare and hard to purchase. Plus as Billie has left the show, I suggest you get her and keep her close, because when she's gone, she's gone for good! She is FANTASIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBC DR DOCTOR WHO CB VAMPIRE x2 Character Building Micro-Figures Series 2

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Doctor Who Character Building the Tardis Mini Construction Playset

Travel through time with Amy and the Doctor by assembling the Character Building Doctor Who Mini Tardis. Put together this 60 piece kit to create your own miniature version of Doctor Who’s famous time-travelling vehicle, complete with opening doors. While it’s not really bigger on the inside than the outside, it’s definitely big enough to carry the Amy Pond and Doctor micro-figures where they need to go. Suitable for ages 5 and up.

M. Jackson "MOJOMIKE" Disappointing It was with much anticipation we bought this set (2 of them!) for my two boys age 6&8. They are both well versed in the world of Dr Who and lego. So our expectations were high. Sadly this set was not up to these expectations.The 11th Dr Figure is probably the highlight of this set, it is a lovely cartoonish replica of the Doctor, captures the doctor well, the Amy figure is also good, but doesn't quite capture real Amy in the same way.The tardis itself is were the problems start, it is incredibly fiddly to put together. Both of my lad struggled and they are usually pretty good with other similar construction sets, getting the doors on was a particular feat!. When on the doors have no easy way of opening or shutting them. Some of the bricks didn't click together as well as I would expect (such as the lamp on the top of one kit kept popping off!) Since construction, even the smallest amount of play has resulted in the model falling apart (this doesn't happen with usual construction toys). Also since then the flimsy door connectors on one set have broken totally, resulting in me having to do a repair job.I fear, as with most of the Character Options Doctor Who range now, this has been designed with collectors rather than children in mind. It would happily be built and sit on a collectors shelf, but doesn't have much play strength. Needless to say I wont be buying the other sets.This is a great idea, but very badly implemented

Rob State frustrating I bought this for my 4 year old son, who loves watching home made doctor who lego episodes on youtube - but this unfortunately should be avoided. we perservered with making the tardis, but it just would not stay in one piece - the slightest knock and it would fall to pieces - i'd say even looking at it, and there it goes again . . . Sigh!

Character Building Weeping Angel Army Builder Pack

DONÕT BLINK! Possessing a natural and unique defence mechanism, the Angels are quantum locked. This means that they can only move when no other living creature, including their own kind, is looking at them. As soon as they are observed, they instantly turn to stone and cannot be killed. The Angels have the ability to send other beings into the past. This allows the Angels to feed on the potential time energy of what would have been the rest of their victim’s lives. Re-create epic battles with the Eleventh Doctor or build your own army of Weeping Angels. Includes 5 fully articulated Weeping Angel micro-figures with Doctor Who display base.

These toys are great for imaginative play along side other Doctor Who character toys. They are fairly inexpensive and are exactly as described.

It's angel pack that makes a awesome Weeping angel army, it is easy to play with and put away it has five angels and five display bases i would recommend this to buy because you can make an amazing weeping angel amy. my son absolutely loves this

Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol [DVD]

P. Worrall "Mr Paz" Enjoyable Christmas Shenanigans A highly enjoyable romp based on A Christmas Carol. The daft sharks do not spoil or detract from the clever twists on this old tale, well, for me they didn't. Matt Smith is brilliant once again and the pace of the story is just about right. It's a bit of a tear jerker at the end, so if you're emotionally susceptible to sad endings then be warned. When my mother, who had just walked in from her Christmas nap, asked me at the end whether it was any good, the word 'yeah' stumbled out of my mouth in a broken fashion. Repeated watching is not recommended on this one, however. It is best to leave for a year or two between viewings.

sean cutter Bah! Humbug! As a grumpy old fan from the black and white era I have to admit that I have come to like all of the new Doctor incarnations. There is a wonderfully inventive streak running through many of the story-lines and this recent Christmas Special chimed nicely with Dickens, Time and Who. Sitting through this story made me ever so slightly less grumpy so... Best taken with a pinch of snuff and a mince pie.

Doctor Who – The Complete Series 5 [DVD]

Sometimes, change is good, as evidenced by Matt Smith’s assumption of the mantle of Britain’s beloved science-fiction hero, Doctor Who, in this stellar series. Replacing David Tennant, who was arguably the most popular incarnation of the Time Lord since Tom Baker, was an unenviable task for any actor. But relative newcomer Smith–the youngest performer to play the Doctor–makes the role his own within the first few moments of the series opener, “The Eleventh Hour,” which introduces his puckish interpretation, as well as companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). The pair, whose banter is a terrific mix of screwball humor and light sexual tension, are later joined by Amy’s fiancé, Rory (Arthur Darvill), who is not quite whom he appears, as revealed in “The Pandorica Opens.” Old enemies such as the Daleks (“Victory of the Daleks”), the Silurians (“The Hungry Earth”), and the formidable Weeping Angels (“The Time of the Angels”) test the Eleventh Doctor’s mettle, as does the series’ central adventure, in which a host of the Doctor’s foes, including the Cybermen and the Sontarans, unite to seal him in the fabled Pandorica, an inescapable prison located within Stonehenge. The 13 episodes of Series 5 are thrilling, thoughtful, humorous, and altogether addictive–in short, as good a series of Doctor Who as any that’s been produced.

When compared to the archival Doctor Who releases, the six-disc set of the Complete Fifth Series comes up somewhat short in the supplemental feature department, but there are still a number of worthwhile extras to complement the episodes. Chief among these are the six commentary tracks, most of which feature newly minted show runner Steven Moffat (Sherlock), as well as Gillan and Darvill, and run the gamut from giggly, lightweight chats to informative looks at the production process. Less interesting are the video diaries by the three series leads, which are amusing but forgettable fluff, as are the outtakes and Doctor Who Confidential Cut-Downs. The Monster Files provides a look at the series’ key villains, including the new designs for the Daleks and the monstrous Alliance, which Moffat reveals as being comprised of whatever costumes were available at the time of shooting (!). A barrage of TV spots and promos, including a US spot, round out the extras. –Paul Gaita

MJ Fantastic fairy tales Series Five of Doctor Who was it's first in high definition and the first with all the new producers, including head writer Stephen Moffatt. This fairy tale series includes some fantastic episodes:- The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, Vincent And The Doctor, The Pandorica Opens to name just a few, and the collection also has all the Confidential cutdowns and lots more features. A must for Doctor Who fans everywhere!!!

Hedge Witch "A Third Witch" Woo Who! How could I not love it? After all the angst about "Who is this young upstart?", "Who decided to have an incredibly 'young' Doctor?" and most of all "Who was the idiot who decided that Matt Smith would be the perfect follow up to David Tennant?" this first series (in my mind) proved all the naysayers to be completely wrong.This young man, under Mr Moffit's aegis, has shown us a multifaceted character, a young man's face that can express such old emotions, that depth of anger that links all three new doctors and a wonderfully whimsical surface that can occasionally make me laugh out loud.As far as I'm concerned Matt Smith's performance is the perfect antidote to the doomed darkness of David Tennant's last days as the Doctor and this first series has been such fun. Okay, many adult viewers have complained that the stories have been simplistic or ridiculous but they certainly showcased the new team's acting chops whether you liked them or not. Amy is growing into a strong, modern woman and if I had daughters I'd be proud to think that she was as determined, caring and intelligent as Ms Pond. We all thought Rory would be a damp squib that would turn up whenever he was needed but, instead, he became Rory the Centurion: Amy's guardian, a man the Doctor can trust and, bless him, the man who dies, all the time, over and over... and every time I'm as horrified as the last!So, yes, remember Chris Ecclestone's powerful, playful Doctor, weep over the little death of David Tennnant's demise but don't belittle young Mr Smith's performance. Remember that last episode where he sat beside Amy's bed telling her all those wonderful things, his face mirroring his emotions, the shadows of the old man drifting across his face and then tell me he's not the right man for the job.Long live the Moff!

Doctor Who – Complete Series 6 [DVD]

Amon Avis Replacement Blu-rays Just a note on the faulty Blu-ray discs some customers have reported. The relevant thread on Digital Spy has given this address for returned discs (ie just the discs and your address, not packaging or box)-Freepost, PO Box Doctor Who Series 6, PO Box 7035, London, W1A 3FL.Still worth giving them an e-mail first I'd have thought.

Amon Avis Don't Forget About This One! If your kids/ friends/ Jim The Fish are going to want Series 6 for Christmas, order this great 'Silent variant' with exclusive postcards now: mean spirited stockpilers have form in buying up these lovely limited editions, then charging three times the price only months later (eg Series 3's 'Master variant'). The 3D Silent head itself isn't just holographic; it's sculpted card, and leans out menacingly.Moffat planned a "fairytale": after the "rollercoaster" of Series 5, Series 6 is the "ghost train". We're fully immersed in the lives of the travellers, each with their own compelling battles ahead. While I don't agree with those who've labelled this series "overcomplicated", in its ambition it has sometimes lost coherency (ie I understand what the characters have done and when, but I've not always been convinced by their supposed motives). However, the verdict is overwhelmingly positive. You will have your own reactions to the episodes; these are merely mine.The SpecialA Christmas Carol: 8 -thin stuff but fun. Yet more Dickens/Victoriana and sometimes sickly sweet, but clever and with some lovely touches.The EpisodesThe Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon: 9 -irresistable imagery (space race, Oval Office, Mad Men, haunted house), truly scary aliens & two of the greatest openings in the show's history. Few too many loose ends but a great cliffhanger.The Curse of the Black Spot: 7 -fun & feisty romp marred only by Hollywood pirates & a soppy father/son subplot (the first of many this year!). Cole is great & the Moffat-inspired sci-fi twist is neat.The Doctor's Wife: 10 -a note perfect fan pleaser resembling a graphic novel by Samuel Beckett. The continuity feels just right, Jones is sublime & the humour/horror balance is perfect.The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People: 7 -a horror movie inspired base under siege that flags when it gets talky. A lack of clarity & likeable characters make it hard to invest in, but there are very powerful scenes: especially the cliffhanger!A Good Man Goes To War: 9 -this great 'finale' with Star Wars designs feels truly epic. The 'repertory of monsters' vignettes really feed the story and Moffat's placing of the Doctor in the universe.Let's Kill Hitler: 7 -at its finest at its funniest, with a great new companion introduction. Rory & Amy's early days are both touching & clever; but there's a lot of padding, an assassin's conversion is deeply unconvincing & the end's a cop-out.Night Terrors: 6 -well regarded but downbeat. Almost a remake of Fear Her except we know from the start that the fears are imagined. Great visuals & terrifying monsters though.The Girl Who Waited: 8 -affecting 'what if' story with a retro sci-fi look. Gillan & Darvill are superb. The time-bending pushes it at times, but the ending's fully committed.The God Complex: 9 -nice use of CCTV in a creepy hotel full of monsters. Often very tense. Smith's brilliantly vulnerable. Walliams perhaps steals the show too much.Closing Time: 8 -very funny sequel to The Lodger. There's something childishly exciting about a big, shiny shop at night. The Cybermen do what they do best: lurk!The Wedding of River Song: 6 -Smith's brilliant performance carries this (maybe inevitable) let down. The fun BBC Breakfast cameo & Live Chess aside, the 'time gone wrong stuff' (also done last year) goes on & on without adding to the plot. Though the end was never in doubt, the universe is very easily fooled it would seem! However, there's a lovely tribute to the past and overall it's an excellent set up for next year.The great value extras raise 4 stars for the stories to 5 stars for the box set. There are the 5 online prequels (for Episodes 1, 3, 7, 8 & 13), the 2 Comic Relief scenes, 14 cut-down Confidentials and the 4 Monster Files (Silents, Gangers, Anti-bodies, Cybermats) released earlier this year. Only 4 Commentaries (for Episodes 1, 4, 7 & 13) but there are 5 exclusive to DVD 'Night & the Doctor' scenes with their own Confidential episode: the somewhat disposable 'Good/Bad Night' are Tardis based comical/ sentimental vignettes with Amy and the Doctor, while 'First/Last Night' do the same for River and the Doctor but add more to River's story; 'Up All Night' is simply an amusing Doctor-less prequel to episode 12. Don't miss out!

Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death [DVD]

Nibbleypibbley The final title from a unique season Season 7 is a remarkable year of Doctor Who, and although it's hard to pick a favourite, this probably comes closest for me. Exceptionally atmospheric in places, with some of the creepiest music (i.e. the alien's theme) to grace the series. It might be an odd choice, but the quarry scenes of the cranes burying the thugs in gravel I find really affecting.And now the story is available in full colour for the first time since broadcast. Really, this is one worth every penny.

M.B.E. Of Tooting "M.B." Mars Probe 7 {In Full COLOUR} 1970's often overlooked 7 parter "The Ambassadors of Death" is a classic Jon Pertwee UNIT serial with some great sets and convincing aliens thrown in to boot! When I first watched this story some time back, I was very impressed with how well it stands up today, the sets and the costumes are very "real" and one can actually imagine that the Martians were threatening to destroy the Earth in the early 1970's. Jon Pertwee, on only his third outing as the 3rd Doctor is sublime, his penchant for leadership and intelligence shines through wonderfully here, especially the scenes aboard the Martian craft. As with all other stories of the 7th series, UNIT is largely involved with events. Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart is on hand to assist the newly regenerated Time Lord. I always adored the love / hate relationship that the Brig and the Doctor had, they always played off one another brilliantly. Jon Pertwee and Nic Courtney had by now figured out how they were going to play both respective characters and I am certainly glad that they figured it out so well.Series 7 companion Liz Shaw as played by the ever-lovely Caroline John is another factor to the success of this mammoth story, she certainly is as much a part of this escapade as Jon and her acting is electric throughout. I always felt it a shame when series 8 opened and Liz was nowhere to be seen, having departed the Doctor's company and run off back to Cambridge, still, the softener to this upsetting knowledge was the effervescent Katy Manning's new companion Jo Grant.In the end then, I have nothing bad to say about this story, I know at 7 episodes some people might be put off, but I must say that after expecting to be disappointed with this unknown giant, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I now love it, The BBC DVD release of this tale is to follow in a few weeks with Digitally Remastered FULL COLOUR episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6 + 7. Thank god the money is there these days. 10/10.Many thanks to all of you who read my reviews. Its greatly appreciated.M.B.

Posters: Doctor Who Poster – Keep Calm Don’t Blink (36 x 24 inches)

In English

Product Features

  • Unframed

Keep Calm And Don’t Blink Mug (Standard Size Mug/White Mug)

If you like both Doctor Who and ‘Keep Calm and Cary On’ design, then we have great news for you! This ‘Keep calm and don’t blink’ mug was inspired by Dr Who and shows a weeping angel with royal blue text underneath.

Mens Sizes

Width (cm)
Length (cm)
Small 48 71 Up to 36inch Chest
Medium 51 74 Up to 40inch Chest
Large 56 76 Up to 44inch Chest
X-Large 61 79 Up to 48inch Chest
2X-Large 66 81 Up to 52inch Chest
3X-Large 71 84 Up to 56inch Chest

Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection Weeping Angel Premium Bust! IN STOCK! NIB!

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Character Options Doctor Who Character Building Time of Angels Mini Set

The Weeping Angels are back! Recreate scenes from Series 5 Episode 4 with this Time of Angels playset. The Doctor and Amy along with River Song went hunting for a solitary Angel but discovered an army of angels waiting for them! Highly detailed 68 piece construction playset including a fully articulated 1 3/4-inch tall Weeping Angel micro-figure. For ages 5 and up.

Product Features

  • Compatible with LEGO sets!

Chris Merritt No Doctor Who Or Amy? I can't believe this kind of crap! Legos are already expensive, but this set is very small and does not include the figures on the box cover.Of course I should read all the fine print before buying, but come on! This is like a bait and switch or something!Other than that, the product is fine for what it is. And Amazon is always great and fast.

Jen "Jen" Warning, no doctor or Amy I failed to read the comments on this one and wish I had, There was no Doctor or Amy included, and only one angel. If I had it to do again, I would order Amy and the Doctor with the Tardis and then get the angel separately.

A REAL Sonic Screwdriver?

Doctor Who’s Trusty Invention Is Anything But Sci-Fi (via redOrbit)

Sonic screwdriver to solve future DIY woes Television’s favourite Time Lord could not exist without his trusty sonic screwdriver, as it’s proved priceless in defeating Daleks and keeping the Tardis in check. Now Doctor Who’s famous cure-all gadget could become a reality for DIY-ers across the…


Let’s have a show of hands! How many of you have seen EVERY Doctor Who episode? Oh, quite a lot. Wait! Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear! I meant every episode since the series began on November 23rd 1963, the day after the Kennedy assassination. Ah. Not so many hands now!

But since the series returned to our screens in 2005, following a break since 1989, the ‘cult’ show has grown tremendously in its world-wide appeal and is now broadcast in over 50 countries, including the USA, where an ever-growing army of fans has taken the three different incarnations of “The Doctor”  (don’t ever call him ‘Doctor Who’) to heart.

This site is dedicated to the show and takes its title from one of the scariest enemies the doctor has even encountered, the fabulous “Weeping Angels.” These stone statues are harmless, as long as you keep looking at them. But if you look way, they advance on you with ferocious snarls and whisk you back in time, where you continue to live out your life, while they feed on your life energy, so “DON’T BLINK!” a phrase that has become a part of the show’s folklore, like “Are you my mummy?” and “Fish Fingers and Custard”

So take a look through our “Doctor Who” memorabilia, via our site or our Amazon store dedicated to this remarkable show.

Doctor Who figure lot – Weeping Angels – Regenerating and Projected

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