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Men’s Doctor Who Tardis Tee Crew Neck T Shirt (White) (Large)

The Doctors form of transport and time-travel, the Tardis! All tees are printed on high quality pre-shrunk tees. High Quality print that won’t crack or fade in the wash or overtime.

Dr. Who Weeping Angels stationary pens/pencils set. New.

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Hines Sight – The Life and Loves of One of Britain’s Favourite Sons (Biography Series)

Frazer Hines is one of the UK’s most charismatic stars of stage and screen. From his early days as a child actor in films such as X The Unknown, and appearances in Emergency Ward 10 and Coronation Street, Frazer became a household name playing the time-travelling Scot, Jamie McCrimmon, alongside Patrick Troughton in the BBC’s cult series Doctor Who. In 1972 he was cast as Joe Sugden in the fledgeling soap opera Emmerdale Farm, and became the housewife’s favourite farmer for over two decades. In this compelling and funny book, Frazer reveals his own thoughts and feelings when faced with stardom at an early age, the pressure of being an early ‘media celebrity’, his love of horses and cricket, and what it was actually like to date, marry and divorce some of the most eligible and beautiful women to have crossed stage and screen in the last 40 years.

Anyone interested in showbiz and television will love this book by Frazer Hines. It gives a frank and humourous look into the life of a favourite TV personality. His sense of fun shines through every story, although it bravely covers the ups and downs of his long and fascinating career. Highly recommended - read it, you'll get a real sense of the man behind the public persona.

This autobiography of the actor who played Jamie in Doctor Who in the late 1960a and Joe Sugden in Emmerdale Farm more recently is entertaining, though for me as a Doctor Who fan, there was very little about his time in the show, and rather too much for my taste about horse racing and cricket. He's certainly had a more active love life than most! 4/5


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Abandoned Language

Ben J. Johnson "Jokei" The Future... Ok, so I'm not really a hip hop fan, I'm into stuff like Goats, Pharcyde, N.W.A., Public Enemy, Jurassic 5 and Lil' Kim (?)... so there's my tastes... However, I am into nasty electronic and industrial stuff and these guys are mind-blowing. Slow, brooding, if anyone likes H P Lovecraft then this is the aural equivalent, some kinda behemoth's coming to crush you and steal your sanity.There's some crazy, trippiness going on here, I'd say effects, but it's not quite, there's no fat on this record, nothing that doesn't need to be here. If you're into stuff like NIN, this might scare you a bit, but it's worth a go.

M. Goulden hiphop for 50 cent haters If you've ever found yourself thinking that modern hiphop might be a wonderful genre if it wasn't so cerebellum-crushingly dumb, materialist and sexist, then dalek just might be the band for you. Previously pioneers of a wall-of-sound style that sounded like My Bloody Valentine growing up in Brooklyn (see their Absence album), Abandoned Languages is by contrast a more sparse and haunting sound, but no less powerful for it. The politically aware vitriol of Dalek's lyrics remains.I can't recommend this highly enough. If you like the experimental side of hiphop (El-P, Gang Starr etc), or like me you're just a rock/indie fan with an open mind, then buy this.

Doctor Who Character Building Minifigs – Series 2 : Rory Williams

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Dr Who – River Song & Pandorica chair – Mint / Factory sealed – Doctor Who

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Grainger Edition, Vol 15 – Orchestral Works 3

Green Bushes (Passacaille sur un veil air populaire anglais) – Hill Song n° 2 – The Merry King – Eastern Intermezzo …. / BBC Philharmonic – Richard Hickox, directionChandos’ Grainger Edition brings yet another cornucopia of delights delivered with indefatigable dedication and twinkling charisma by Richard Hickox and the BBC Philharmonic. The formula is the same as on this team’s first and second volumes of Grainger’s orchestral music, with tried-and-trusted nuggets such as Green Bushes and Colonial Song (both given here in particularly lavish orchestrations from 1905-06 and 1919 respectively) sitting cheek by jowl alongside genuine rarities like The Merry King (based on a folk-tune from West Sussex and boasting a seductively ornate piano contribution) and the amazingly colourful English Dance No.1 (a riot of a piece which prompted Gabriel Fauré to exclaim: “It’s as if the total population were a-dancing!”). Perhaps the most startlingly original items here were originally conceived for wind band, namely the bracingly tangy Hill Song No.2 and that ambitious, extraordinarily entitled essay The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart (which also draws on material from the first movement of Grainger’s glorious Danish Folk Song Suite). Chandos’ thrillingly realistic sonics fairly leap from the loudspeakers. All told, a huge tonic and not to be missed. —Andrew Achenbach

Doctor who-amy pond bust

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Men’s Doctor Who Tardis Tee Crew Neck T Shirt (White) (X-Large)

The Doctors form of transport and time-travel, the Tardis! All tees are printed on high quality pre-shrunk tees. High Quality print that won’t crack or fade in the wash or overtime.

Doctor Who 1" x 2" Acrylic Keychain – WEEPING ANGEL

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Doctor Who and the Cybermen – Gerry Davis – Very Good

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★ DOCTOR WHO – 5th Doctor & The Master 6" Action Figure 2-Pack #NEW

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Product Features


Doctor Who Rory Williams Figure Loose 11th Eleventh Dr Era

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Doctor Who Character Building Figure Series 2 amy pond (1)

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Doctor Who Time Travels Book Pop Up Book VGC

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Doctor Who : Series 1 – Volume 4 [2005] [DVD]

It was always going to be a risk for the BBC to revamp Doctor Who–few television programmes inspire as much rabid and cultish adoration. With the 2005 series, however, the BBC have really outdone themselves. Their updated Doctor Who is a revelation: a cult science fiction series that has real mass appeal, and works for both children and their parents. Christopher Eccleston is an inspired and charismatic Doctor–he leaps around the sets with an unrestrained glee, like he’s a child running amok in a toy shop. His enthusiasm in downright infectious. His sidekick Rose (Billie Piper) adds a real human touch, particularly as she gradually and believably matures from in-over-her-head city kid to tough-minded interplanetary hero. Much of the credit must go to writer Russell Davies, who has a much-practiced knack for finding popular appeal without dumbing-down his ideas, and who appears to have let his imagination run riot. Even the special effects, whilst not of a big-budget cinematic quality, still manage to strike a balance between cheesiness and realism. Thrilling, funny and thoroughly entertaining, this Doctor Who is a hero for the new millennium. –Robert Burrow

This DVD is a great send off for Christopher Eccleston, with Captain Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman) remaining with the Doctor. The three spectacular send off episodes as as follows:Boom Town: The TARDIS crew take a holiday, but the Doctor encounters an enemy he thought long since dead. A plan to build a nuclear power station in Cardiff City disguises an alien plot to rip the world apart. And when the Doctor dines with monsters, he discovers traps within traps.Bad Wolf: The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack have to fight for their lives on board the Game Station. But a more dangerous threat is lurking, just out of sight. The Doctor realises that the entire Human Race has been blinded to the threat on its doorstep, and Armageddon is fast approaching.The Parting of the Ways: Rose Tyler has seen danger and wonders alongside the Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war. With the Human Race being slaughtered, the Doctor is forced into terrible action. Will the time-travellers ever be reunited?The Parting of the Ways sends out Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and brings David Tennant into the shoes of the Tenth Doctor. You will never be forgotton Christopher, your Doctor was fantastic!

A fantastic end to a fantastic season Being old enough to have watched Dr Who (mainly Tom Baker and then Peter Davidson) the first time, I eagerly awaited the new series. It was more than I could hahev ever hoped for and this set of episodes, showcases the talent of Christopher Eccleston.The ending did make me shed a tear and I am sorry to see him leave but am sure that David Tennant will make a briiliant Dr.

X-LARGE Doctor Who Keep Calm and Don't Blink T-Shirt (696732090527) – NEW

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Men’s Doctor Who Tardis Tee Crew Neck T Shirt (White) (Small)

The Doctors form of transport and time-travel, the Tardis! All tees are printed on high quality pre-shrunk tees. High Quality print that won’t crack or fade in the wash or overtime.

Keep Calm And Don’t Blink – Womens T-Shirt-Purple-XL

Product Features

  • Ladies Crewneck T-Shirt
  • Usually dispatched next working day via Royal Mail 1st Class (UK)
  • Slim fit design, Weight 160 gsm
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  • Sizes range from Size Small – 2XL

I bought this as a gift and the recipient absolutely loved it. Definitely a good buy for any Dr Who fans.

Return of the Daleks by Nicholas Briggs (CD-Audio, 2007)

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Doctor Who – Destiny of the Daleks [DVD] [1979]

A Doctor Who story from the Tom Baker era, Destiny of the Daleks pits the Time Lord against his deadliest enemies once more in an enjoyable adventure, although truthfully it’s far from the finest hour of all concerned.

Originally broadcast at the end of the 1970s, Destiny of the Daleks is notable for introducing a regenerated Romana, but across its four episodes we also find the seemingly-dead Davros with a little more life in him than the Doctor expected. And there’s also the small matter of the Daleks being locked in the midst of a long-running war, with seemingly no way to break the stalemate. In short, plenty for the Doctor to get his teeth into.

Yet while Destiny of the Daleks has plenty of tasty ingredients, you can’t help but share a little disappointment at the way some elements play out. Sure, there’s a lot still to enjoy, but the plot sometimes struggles to justify the running time, and the lack of budget is more obvious than is usual in classic Doctor Who.

But it’s to the credit of Destiny of the Daleks that it rides out its problems and still delivers an enjoyable story. It may not be a favourite of the dedicated fans of the programme, but there’s still plenty here for Doctor Who fans young and old. And you can’t beat the Daleks…! —Jon Foster

Manxie possibly the most formidable bad guys This is the first adventure featuring Lalla Ward as Romana and hence contains the very comic regeneration scene which personally I would say is reason enough for buying this episode.Thoughout Doctor Who the Daleks have been a great enemy, dispite their inability in the early series to get up stairs!This is a great Dalek story and certainly does not disappoint, it contains lots of laughs (not only at the men in white lycra :p) and also some great episode endings with actual suspense!

S. Haines Spack Off ! 'Destiny of the Daleks' undeserved reputation comes from 'fans' in the know writing nasty things about it in the early Doctor Who Weekly and fanzines of the late 70s. I can only assume this is because it does not quite match up to the greatness of 'Genesis of the Daleks' (the ALL time best Dr Who story) AND the problems caused by hyper inflation at the time decimating the budget like the Dalek's slaves are at the end of episode 4 ! However this is a strong, fast paced solid script by the great Terry Nation (with hints of script editor Douglas Adams style thrown in) and although the Daleks (and Davros) are a bit battered and dented this does not detract from the quality of the story. The first 2 cliff hangars are actually among the entire series finest. Tom Baker and Lalla Ward quickly establish a great team, and David Gooderson with the uneviable task of taking over from Michael Wisher as Davros turns in a great performance albeit in a decrepit mask! It is no exaggeration that this IS the best (and first) of the 'Genesis' sequels..oh and the title of this review is one of Tom's most famous fluffs, from this story, during the 'Mexican standoff' scene, presumeably aimed at the 'Destiny' deriders ?

Doctor Who The Master Roger Delgado Figure Dapol Rare W006 DW

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River's Song by Melody Carlson (Paperback, 2011)

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