Dr Who Card 140 River Song’s Gun

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  • Dr Who Card 140 River Song’s Gun


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Doctor Who pencil with Dalek topper – yellow Eternal Dalek design

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  • Collect the full set of 5 Paradigm pencil toppers
  • A must for the pencil case of every Doctor Who fan (we sell Doctor Who pencil cases too!!)
  • Not suitable for under 3’s
  • Pencil features Doctor Who and the Tardis (pictured on the pencil) with Dalek topper.

*NEW* 11th Dr Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith – Boxed China Mug

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Doctor Who: Official Annual 2011, BBC, Good Condition, Book.

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Sixth Doctor: 50th Anniversary (Doctor Who Digital)

A brand new, exciting story about the Sixth Doctor, launching as part of a year-long series to celebrate Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary. The series brings together some of the most exciting names in screenwriting and children’s fiction, each putting their own unique spin on the Doctor, his terrifying alien enemies and time-travelling adventures.

MEDIUM Doctor Who Keep Calm and Don't Blink T-Shirt – NEW

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Keep Calm And Don’t Blink Premium Hoodie (XX Large (51″ Chest)/Dusty Black)

If you like both Doctor Who and ‘Keep Calm and Cary On’ design, then we have great news for you! This ‘Keep calm and don’t blink’ premium hoodie was inspired by Dr Who and shows a weeping angel instead of the traditional crown.

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Doctor Who Red T-Shirt Size-Large – Angel "KEEP CALM AND DON'T BLINK"

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Keep Calm And Don’t Blink – Funny Babygrow / Bodysuit – 7 Colours – Pink – 0-3 Months

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Doctor Who – The Clockwise Man (New Series Adventure 1) Justin Richards Very Goo

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Dr. Who – Angels Have Phone Box Weeping Angel Men’s T-Shirt in Black, Size: Medium, Color: Black

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  • Officially Licensed: Brand New T-Shirts, Hats, Collectibles, & Memorabilia.
  • Authentic Designs with Detailed Artwork.

classic t shirt - just what the Dr ordered! Delighted with this purchase, gift for someone Who really appreciated it!thanks x

I really love this T-shirt. I love Doctor Who and Blink is one of my favourite episodes so this was a must have. I's a bit big but then i'm short and most clothes are too long for me but it looks good and it's good quality.

"Doctor Who" and the Cybermen (Classic Novels), Gerry Davis – Audio CD Book – NE

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Doctor Who Monsters: A Classic Series Bestiary


They lumbered through space, lurched from the sea, slimed along ventilator shafts and even visited St Paul’s Cathedral. They were the scourge of the Doctor’s many lives: they were the monsters. Sending millions of children scurrying behind the sofa each week, Doctor Who has been host to some of the most wierd and wonderful species ever to emerge from the imagination. Daleks, Ice Warriors, Sea Devils, Cybermen … whether they dreamed of intergalactic conquest or simply wanted to survive, the Doctor has met them all.

DOCTOR WHO MONSTERS takes you behind the scenes of Doctor Who to meet the monsters and their makers. Including candid comments and recollections from those people who actually devised, created and played the monsters, DOCTOR WHO MONSTERS is a celebration of the many talents which brought Doctor Who’s greatest foes to the television screen. Also featured are several exclusive original storylines, showing how many favourite stories started life; and the original scripted descriptions of the monsters are revealed as we explore the rubber and latex-filled world of the monster makers.

There are more than 200 alien creatures, robots, beasts, mutants and plants featured in this extensive guide to all the monsters from the classic series of Doctor Who.

Mr. G. W. Jordan "jgary763" A Pre-Ecclestone Monster Book This is the Kindle version of David Howe's excellent Doctor Who Book of Monsters originally published in 1997.Its an easy to read history of how the creatures that populate the Whoniverse were brought to the screen. The book has a wealth of photos and artwork from Doctor Who production. The quality of these (and certainly the colour) may not be reproduced on the Kindle.There are chapters on each decade of production and chapters on his major foes: the Daleks and Davros, the Cybermen, Ice Warriors, the Sontarans and the Haemovores.The last part of the book lists most of the monsters and aliens encountered on the Doctor's travels (from Aggedor to the Zygons) with brief descriptions. The creators and actors are also credited.


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Doctor Who – Planet Of The Daleks [1973] / Revelation Of The Daleks [1985] (Limited Edition Box Set) [VHS]

This release wasn't as good as I had expected. I was highly enthusiastic when I first heard It's release,but then I felt slightly disappointed after viewing.I found some of the peformances pathetic.[No names mentioned!]The DJ character was over the top.The white Daleks were impressive but howcome they're bad aimers with their guns?The Doctor and Peri get precious little to do and I think their is too big a I mean is that when the story focuses on two or more characters they tend to slip into the backround for a while.On the positive side there is plenty of action,and good visual effects.

M W EVANS Chalk and Cheese The problem with the Daleks is that in the hands of a sloppy writer they can prove to be disappointing villains. Alas, this is all too true of the first tape - "Planet of the Daleks", written by their creator, Terry Nation, who obviously had other projects on his mind at the time. This story is pretty much an amalgam of 'The Daleks" and "The Daleks' Masterplan", and the Daleks are here portrayed as being awkward, cranky and rather dim adversaries. Jon Pertwee (as the Doctor) obviously wasn't all that impressed either, judging by his bored performance throughout, and who can blame him with some of the hokey dialogue he's given in this adventure. Yes, there are some memorable set peices in this yarn (The Thals pushing the Daleks into the ice pools, the cold storage room holding the Dalek army), but the whole is never as good as the sum of its parts. John Nathan-Turner was fond of reminding fans that "the memory cheats" and here he was right. The same cannot be said for "Revelation of the Daleks", surely one of the best "Doctor Who" tales ever made. Writer Eric Saward keeps the Daleks pretty much in the background, choosing instead to focus his attention on Davros (Terry Molloy) and a plethora of fascinating minor characters played by well-known British television stars. Standouts here are Eleanor Bron, deliciously underplaying the character of Madame Kara, and Alexei Sayle as the manic DJ. Colin Baker's Doctor is a little abrasive, but still finely drawn, and Nicola Bryant gets her teeth into some great lines as Peri. The various subplots and characters make this a difficult story to catch hold of on the first viewing, but a second and third look will reveal all, and well worth the return visits it is too! I don't think that black humour has ever been used so effectively in a "Doctor Who" story. If the latter video had been released on its own, it would have scored five stars, and the former no more than two, so it's only fair to give the boxed set an average of three stars. However, the set is still certainly well worth buying, because "Revelation of the Daleks" is one of the all-time classics of the series.

Doctor Who Rory Williams action figure toy – New in packet Dr.Who BBC Rare item

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Doctor Who Series 6 River Song Figure Toy

Doctor Who Series 6 ‘River Song’ Figure With Flesh Mask.

Action figure features your favourite character from Doctor Who

Series 6 Action Figure, Wave 2A

Pose able neck, arms and legs

Includes “The Flesh” and “Flesh Mask”

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  • 100% Official Licensed Product


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Caitlin Blackwood – Young Amy Pond (Doctor Who) – Genuine Signed Autograph

PRODUCT INFORMATION: This photo and all photos sold by Tenth Planet Events are Genuine, and ontained personally by the company, there are no fakes or copies and only genuine. Standard size signed photos are 8″ x 10″ (some may vary give or take an inch or two). Please see our other items, there are thousends to choose from. COMPANY INFORMATION: We at Tenth Planet Events are specialists in supplying TV and film replica Jewellery and Props AND signed Autographs. We have hundreds of different items from many popular TV programs and films including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Twilight, X-Men, Buffy, Resident Evil, Batman, Lord of the Rings and so much more. Check out our other listings and be sure to add us as one of your favorite buyers. Please contact Tenth Planet Events for if you have any special requirements, we strive for customer satisfaction and will do our upmost to deliver a profesional service, with fast delivery times and positive feedback left and we appriciate feedback from buyers. We have over four thousend different autographs all of which are personally obtained by Tenth planet Events and are 100 percent genuine, please check out our shop.

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Doctor Who – The Two Doctors – Second Edition 1985 Paperback VGC

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Doctor Who: Series 3

Joseph Siegler Outdoes the series 1/2 soundtrack by far. Great stuff. Unlike some others here, I'll avoid the temptation to make a "Gold" joke about this. :)The revived Doctor Who's third series (the 2007 one) is represented by this soundtrack. It contains a little beyond the third season, it has a song from the Dec 25, 2006 Christmas episode, as well as the Dec 25, 2007 Christmas episode (which at the time it came out was before the story had aired). This soundtrack, like the other one was done by composer Murray Gold, who has handled all the music for the new Doctor Who.It's turned out to be fabulous. It's orchestral unlike the old series. That could be down to budget, but the old show's music never sounded like this, and I'm convinced it's a large part of the overall feel of the series now. There's all kinds of things on here. There's a few actual songs (with lyrics), but most is soundtrack stuff - and it's really good. As with the series itself, the third series (29th overall) soundtrack is better than the stuff that preceded it.If you were a fan of the 2007 series of Doctor Who, then you should be all means check it out. I know lot a lot of people like listening to soundtracks (mostly because of there being no lyrics), but this is fantastic! Even my two year old loves listening to this, and she's never seen the show! When track 2 comes on, "Hey, it's Martha's song!"One minor nit, though.. The show tune number from the Dalek episode "Daleks in Manattan" is here (My Angel put the Devil in Me). Unfortunately, it's not the original version. The woman who sang the song from the Christmas 2007 episode sings it here (Yamit Mamo), and while it's a good version, it's not the original. I really wish the original version was on here instead.

mardy Excellent! Is it me, or this even better than his work for series 2? How can you not fall in love with "Boe", "Martha's Quest", "Only Martha Knows" and the most beautiful track on here: "This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home"? You can hear the motion picture quality in tracks like "The Master Vainglorious" - and where would series three have been without these momentous melodies? The infamous "Yana" music, "Martha's Theme", ever-present and now forever tied in with "The Doctor's Theme" from previous series to give us "The Doctor Forever", the "Blink" suite, the complete snapshot that is "All The Strange Creatures". Just 'wow'.What a way to remember the entire series - the highs, the lows, the pure unadulterated joy of the fun and excitement that was series three.I agree with the other reviewers here - where's the "Casanova" series CD? More of Mr Gold, I say, and quickly!

Keep Calm and Don't Blink Unisex Hoodie Size Small in Bright Green

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Keep Calm And Don’t Blink – Unisex Hoodie / Hooded Top-Blue-XL

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  • Unisex Hoodie
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Doctor Who T-Shirt, Doctor Who Kids T-Shirt, Dr Who Classic Dalek Invasion Blue, Age 9 – 10, Chest 35 – 36″

Product Features

  • Navy blue Doctor Who t-shirt
  • Heavyweight cotton
  • Printed design
  • Crew neck and short sleeves

DOCTOR WHO Tardis ORIGINAL PAINTING Daleks Angels Cyberman Adipose Dinosaur ART

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Doctor Who – The Space Museum/The Chase [DVD]

Bob Marlowe "Dr Hartnell's House of Horrors" Neither story's a classic but they both have their moments. Space Museum starts off brilliantly with an excellent concept (well worth revisiting) the tardis crew slip a groove or jump a track in time, arriving in their personal future like ghosts unable to touch or interact with others. This is expertly laid out as they see themselves as exhibits in a Space Museum. Yes I know that's a spoiler but I think that much info would be on the disc cover. Moments like the simple effect of reversing a shot of a glass being dropped so it's jumping back into Vicki's hand somehow works and is creepy. A Dr Whodunnit (sorry)as they must find out how they end up that way & what can be done to avod it is set up as they properly arrive at an earlier time at the episode's end.There's a backdrop of planet Xeros colonised by the warlike Moroks just to site their forgotten museum. The Moroks have bouffant wigs that would give Pertwee a run for his money & are rather well fed but that may be to convey that they are a race past their prime. Richard Shaw is v good as Lobos giving more than there is in the script. The rebel Xerons look like teenagers in space with mad eyebrows-watch for a young Jeremy Bulloch!Eps 2-4 what started out so well becomes a run around and the story keeps taking 1 step forward then 1 step back e.g. having usefully established that not knowing what may cause their fate going back to the Tardis is not an option, the fact they don't know if they're avoiding or causing their fate is re-stated too often. Almost like saying the story's all rather pointless. I'm intrigued by Robert Shearman "defending the Museum" among the extras though.There's fun to be had though as Vicki attempts to lead a revolution, Billy Hartnell impersonates a Dalek + makes a mind probe churn out nonsense and a shock discovery makes Ian believe their fate is coming to pass.We jump right into the Chase which does exactly what it says on the tin as the Daleks decide once & for all they need to sort this Doctor fellow out and hunt him down in their own time machine which was called a DARDIS in the script (Dalek & Relative Dimensions in Space?)though that was dropped by recording.The crew become aware of the situation courtesy of a device from the museum which is like 4th dimensional freeview and as well as Dalek plans it screens The Gettysberg Address, Shakespearean secrets and The Beatles doing Ticket to Ride (#1) which causes classic teacher trying to look hip dance moevments from Ian.They are pursued through a House of Horrors with robots of Frankenstein, Dracula and a woman who shrieks a bit, The Mary Celeste-solving the mystery of course & the Empire State Bulding (before we knew of the Daleks' work with contractors there. Empire State sequence is our 1st glimpse of companion to be Peter Purves-here playing an irritating American tourist who takes the mickey out of the Daleks but they oddly don't exterminate him.Fans of 60's aliens get a desert planet (it's a Terry Nation script so it's moniker is ARIDus!) with amphibious looking natives (watch for a young Hywel Bennett) and a silly Mire Beast. With their impeccable sense of the dramatic, the Daleks repeat their River Thames stunt rising up out of sand (coughing guts up).The conclusion takes place on planet Mechanus where ther are carnivorous mushrooms and the Mechanoids which are wonderful spherical servo robots who've developed their own will. They fight the Daleks in a marvellously cut and directed battle that belies the small numbers.It's all rather silly but better fun than Museum & a shame plans to make a Peter Cushing film of it never got off the ground. The Daleks are fun but almost in self parody mode and hatch a plan to use a robot double of the Doctor. What makes this look such a bad plan is the casting of Non-Hartnell look alike Edmund Warwick as the robot Doctor who doesn't even convince in longshot!Regulars all get some good stuff to do epecially the departure of Ian & Barbara, plus the introduction of Peter Purves'Steven. Steven Taylor works fine as a bitter astronaut marooned with the Mechanoids- even if he oddly does a Dame Edna Everage voice when calling a Mech "My fat little darling!" Okay something of an exaggeration, but he does deliver the line oddly.Extras include; for Space Museum, "Defending the Space Museum" is billed as a "robust" defence of the story. This is some strange new usage of "Robust" as Rob Shearman actually says what many reviewers have said; great 1st episode but less good to follow albeit with good moments. He does make an interesting point that this is a story written as a comedy but not directed as one."My Grandfather William Hartnell" is a sadly brief interview with Jessica Carney (maybe a future moderator for commentaries?) but a charming piece anyway. Spoof piece "A Holiday for the Doctor" is a fun look at the absences of the Doctor in 60's stories when the lead...

MV A Gorgeous Little Fun-Bundle! This is a very good classic Doctor Who package. Fans have often said bad things about these two stories. I think they're great and make a nice change from serious classic B&W Doctor Who. They're very easy to watch and unlike other stories don't require firm, hard concentration. 2|Entertain have really upped the quality of the extras included. There's been a noticable jump up in the quality of the extras - and there's a lot of them. Unlike previous Classic Who releases we don't get cast and crew prattling on and on and on about tedious little details that would send even the most die hard fan into a coma. The extras on this release have been kept tight and to the point, they're interesting, enjoyable and informative. I particularly enjoyed the silent colour film featuring Shawcraft Models - who made most of the props and monsters (including the Daleks) in the 1960's. The picture quality of the episodes themselves look absolutely amazing, the restoration seems to have been undertaken with great care. The restoration team behind the remastering of these classic stories now have almost 20 years experience restoring old TV shows. The technology is improving all the time - and it shows with this release, which as I said before - looks better than anything before.