I LOVE DOCTOR WHO- Sci fi fanatic Mens Hoodie, Hooded top

Naturally pre-shrunk so they keep their shape. Industry standard heat transfer process producing flexible and durable prints.

Product Features

  • 80% Cotton 20% polyester
  • Double lined hood with contrast lining and cords
  • Kangaroo pocket with ear phone opening. Ear phone loops
  • Worldwide Accredited Responsible Production (WARP)



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Victory Of The Daleks

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A. Foxley The Eleventh Doctor Arrives In Style On Blu Ray The 2010 series of 'Doctor Who' is, at first glance, very different to what went immediately before. Lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies has departed, to be replaced by Steven Moffat, and David Tennant has handed over the keys to the TARDIS to Matt Smith, the youngest actor to play the role to date. There's a look and feel to Series Five that marks it out as different from its predecessors, but ultimately, it's still cut from much the same cloth as before, mixing exciting adventure with great writing, and still being one of the best things on British television in years.Matt Smith had a tough job, following in David Tennant's footsteps, but from his first moments in series opener, 'The Eleventh Hour', you know everything is going to be fine. His relative youth seems irrelevant, because he feels so at home in the role of the Doctor that you can absolutely buy into him as a 900-odd year old Time Lord. In many ways, his performance brings back memories of Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton - he's a natural, juggling the dramatic and the comedic effortlessly. He's ably supported by Karen Gillan as the feisty Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as her sometimes-bumbling fiancee Rory, not to mention a stellar guest cast that boasts names such as Ian McNeice, Sophie Okonedo, Tony Curran, Iain Glen, Helen McCrory and Toby Jones, as well as Alex Kingston making a glorious return as River Song, the mysterious woman whose life keeps intersecting with the Doctor's.As usual, there's a real ambition to some of the stories told here, both in their scale and the complexity of the storytelling - 'The Eleventh Hour' takes place across fourteen years of Amelia 'Amy' Pond's life, whilst 'Amy's Choice' slides between a number of realities, only one of which may be real, and season finale 'The Big Bang' features all manner of jumping forwards and backwards in time, alternate realities and other such head-spinning concepts. The series has lost none of its epic potential, either - 'Victory of the Daleks' is a WWII epic in under 45 minutes, 'The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone' by turns a creepy horror and epic sci-fi action thriller, and 'The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood' presents an entire underground civilisation living beneath the Earth. For me, the stand out episode was 'Vincent and the Doctor' by Richard Curtis, a wonderful character-driven piece treading the difficult ground of exploring issues of Vincent Van Gogh's terrible depression, whilst also throwing in an invisible giant space turkey for good measure. The fact that it manages to do both of these - and throw in a scene-stealing uncredited cameo from Bill Nighy - just shows how good the series can be when it's firing on all cylinders. It's not all perfect, of course - some episodes don't work as well as others, and the attempts to reinvent Who icons such as the Daleks and the Silurians don't quite come off as planned. But it's certainly up there with the best the series, past and present, has to offer.This Blu Ray release presents the episodes in stunning high definition - as they're meant to be seen, really. The 2009 Specials didn't always exploit the potential of HD to the max, but this series really does - whether it's the space battles of 'Victory of the Daleks', the sky lit up with alien spacecraft in 'The Pandorica Opens', or simply the gorgeous (and incredibly detailed) new TARDIS interior. The episodes have, quite simply, never looked or sounded better than they do here on BD (though you may need a bit of tinkering with your player settings to get the sound mix right if you don't have a surround set-up - switching audio output to 'Bitstream' may help), and it's definitely worth opting for this version over the slightly cheaper DVD set.Extras wise, there's plenty here for viewers to enjoy - perhaps most notably two new scenes penned by Steven Moffat, exclusive to DVD and Blu Ray. These sequences feature the Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS, and serve as preludes to 'The Beast Below' and 'The Vampires of Venice' respectively. They're a lot of fun, and are a nice little bonus. It would be good to see more of these in future, if possible. As with previous boxsets, there's a bonus disc housing the 15 minute cut-down editions of 'Doctor Who Confidential' covering each episode, which offer behind-the-scenes access and insights, and are consistently enjoyable. There are commentaries, too, although disappointingly compared to previous sets, these are only on selected episodes, and are in-vision commentaries, which aren't to everyone's tastes. Aside from that, there's an array of video diaries, trailers, and 'Monster Files' focusing on some of the Doctor's enemies throughout the season.All in all, 'The Complete Series Five' is a fantastic Blu Ray release for a series which not only continues the 'Doctor Who' legend in the quality to which we've become accustomed, but also reinvents it in style. Minor issues...

Professor River Song’s Hallucinogenic Lipstick T-Shirt – Medium

Size Chart: S-34-36″, M-38-40″, L-42-44″, XL-46-48″, 2XL-50-52″

Fish Fingers And Custard Are Cool Funny T-Shirt – Medium Womens

Womens Size Chart: S-8-10, M-10-12″, L-12-14″, XL-16-18″, 2XL-18-20″

Custom ” GALLIFREY ROAD ” T Shirt Dr Who fan art Available S – XXL in Black Blue Red (XL, Red)

A lovely T Shirt with custom Dr Who fan made artwork showing a silhouette of different Doctor’s crossing a Zebra crossing ( a parody of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road )

Product Features

  • 100% Heavy Cotton 195 GSM T Shirt
  • Custom Gallifrey Road Print
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Made in the UK

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Mens Dr Who Tardis T-Shirt | Doctor Who Tardis T-shirt | Small

Mens Doctor Who Tardis T-Shirt

Product Features

  • Mens Dr Who Tardis T-Shirt
  • Short Sleeves
  • 100% cotton
  • With great Dr Who design
  • Officially licensed merchandise



Sour Cherry Doctor Who Dalek Earrings

Dr Who engraved Dalek earrings. Available on a silver plated or gold plated ear wires, both are low nickel

Measures 2.5cm wide x 3cm high

Hot TV Series Doctor Who Personalized Cool Samsung galaxy s3 i9300 3D Case CoverBest Protective Hard Plastic Cover

The case can protect your phone from scratches, slug and dusty. It is a form-Fitting phone case which makes your phone more unique and personalized. If you wan to customize the case with your own picture, you can do it on our shop.
1,Due to color difference shown in every computer screen, cases color are based on real products.
2,You can contact us before feedback if you do not satisfy with our case. We will try our best to deal with the problem to meet your requirement.

Product Features

  • Made of high quality, smooth hard plastic material
  • The phone case is easy to install and remove
  • Protect your phone from scratches, dirt, fingerprints and other daily damages
  • Accurate openings design gives convenient access to all functions, buttons, ports and controls
  • Image printed using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect


Doctor Who Desk Calendar 2015

Keep Calm And Don’t Blink T-shirt – Films, TV And Movie Geeky Tshirt – Royal

All of our apparel is designed and printed within the UK. We use a range high quality materials on all of our garments to ensure they meet our highest standards. For further information on our product specifications or designs please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton in all colours (exc grey,
  • Washable up to 40C inside out with similar
  • Taped neck & shoulders to give a better fit
  • Tumble dry on low. Not suitable for dry clean
  • Double stitched sleeve & waist hem for



Mens Dr Who Lounge Pants | Doctor Who PJ Bottoms | Small

Mens Doctor Who lounge pants. Lovely lounge pant with all over Dr Who Tardis & Dalek print.

Product Features

  • Mens Dr Who Lounge Pants
  • Long legged lounge pants
  • All over Dr Who print
  • Exclusive to Character UK
  • Officially licensed merchandise

Doctor Who 8 Inch Collectible Vinyl Figures – Statue Of Liberty Weeping Angel

8″ Doctor Who Vinyl Collectibles.

Officially licensed by the BBC and Titan Merchandise and curated by artist Matt Jones aka Lunartik, TITANS amazingly sculpted vinyl statues are perfect for both fans and collectors alike. Originally sold in blind boxes as 3 inch miniature figures (you never knew what figure was inside) a small selection of the most iconic statues have been scaled up to 8 inches.

This recreation of the Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel hails from the 2012 episode “”The Angels Take Manhattan”, and is depicted in all her menacing glory.

Figures have articulated arms and head, and may include character specific accessories.

Size: 8 inches tall.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • 8 inch vinyl statue
  • Sealed in presentation box
  • Collect the set

Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.


With the television series celebrating its 50th anniversary of forcing children - and even some adults, I'm sure - to scurry behind the sofa or cower beneath one of its cushions, the release of STUDIOCANAL's DOCTOR WHO tie-in movies is adroitly timed and not only for that celebratory reasoning but for the fact that the Peter Cushing films are frequently derided and an intelligent analysis of their importance, not only within the DOCTOR WHO universe but assessing their role in British cinema in general.It's the 31st March, and a prat-fall outside a dematerialising London Metropolitan Police box is a somewhat innocuous beginning to an adventure in space:time that leads the Doctor and his travelling companions into the heart of a future Earth, devastated, decaying under the authoritarian regime of an alien species known as Daleks.Though it's not certain that he's an Earthling or a Time Lord, Peter Cushing reprises his role as the inventor of TARDIS, Doctor Who, in the Terry Nation plot-inspired - based upon the television story DOCTOR WHO - THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH (1964) - movie, co-starring Bernard Cribbins, DALEKS' INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D.Now re-mastered - both its print and audio track - the movie is, like the restored DR WHO AND THE DALEKS (see review), superb, offering to a whole new generation of fans, for the first time in nearly five decades, a widescreen thrilling adventure.With the Daleks attempting to mine the core of the planet, install a `piloting device' and then steer the bastardised Earth back to their own planet (an uninhabitable Skaro?) in order utilise it, the Doctor must thwart their plans and save the planet from a catastrophic destruction.For a second time, director Gordon Fleming instils an unparalleled dimension of urgency to every action sequence that the televised series was unable to capture on its primitive 4:3 405 lines. Without question, Fleming embraces not only the widescreen elements of Technoscope but adopts, and remember it's only 1966, the use of `hand-held camera perspective' (this is ably demonstrated in the sequence as the Doctor and Tom are held in the Dalek Prison Cell attempting to extricate themselves from it using a plastic comb). One of the film's highlights for any DOCTOR WHO fan is the all-but-brief `melting' Dalek (at 1 hour 18 minutes) as the earth's magnetic core affects their outing casings.Fans of the NEW SERIES may be pleasantly surprised how similar to Peter Cushing's performance as the doddery old man is to that performed by Matt Smith as the 11th television Doctor; spindly, never restful (identical `hand-acting' choreography) and with a dark intelligence hidden behind their eyes.Unequivocally, the restoration improves the quality of the original VHS and previous DVD releases, with a stability of richness and saturation that has probably not been seen since its original showing. However, certain scenes, particularly within the Bedfordshire mines, the restoration struggles with darker tones and shades. Similarly, the audio track has been re-mastered and as is a crisp as like having Bill McGuffie conducting his orchestra behind your living room's sofa. In the featurette, RESTORING DALEKS' INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. the option of treating the mono audio track to create a `faux' stereo 5.1 track was not deemed necessary, and, in this instance, the correct decision was made.Like DR WHO AND THE DALEKS, the `value added material' VAM (i.e. the Extras) are succinct and disappointing in their content and production.Author, Gareth Owen proffers his personal analysis of the feature film's production (discussing how the film was plagued with re-writes due to Cushing's unforeseen illness, and how Fleming struggled with a similar financial budget to the first film whilst creating a `...bigger film...' and promotion (on how the British breakfast cereal, SUGAR PUFFS, co-funded the film in return for one of the first `product placement' financial tie-ins in the industry's history). Ungraciously, he states that DALEKS' INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. is "...elementary..." which, ironically, sums up this WIKIPEDIA plagiarised featurette.What could have been the highlight of this anniversary release, INTERVIEW WITH BERNARD CRIBBINS, has been bungled. A four-minute conversation so poorly edited and recorded that `heads-should-roll' at STUDIOCANAL. Whilst sounding as if Cribbins was recorded in a Bethnal Green Gents below-the-pavement toilet and so brief (4 minutes) that you are left wondering "why bother to have gone to all that trouble?" Nevertheless, avuncular Cribbins is great value, recalling the making of the movie (his interaction with an Australian Dalek), working with Cushing's Doctor ("...he always looked as if he was chewing a Murray Mint...") and his 1973 audition for the CLASSIC SERIES of DOCTOR WHO. Like me, after four minutes, you will be left...

Doctor Who Flashing Tardis Pattern Table Lamp

Doctor Who Flashing Tardis Pattern Table Lamp

Product Features

  • Officially Licensed
  • Brand New

Fish Fingers & Custard T-Shirt – Medium Womens

Womens Size Chart: S-8-10, M-10-12″, L-12-14″, XL-16-18″, 2XL-18-20″

Doctor Who: Robot [VHS]

Doctor Who: Robot [VHS] [VHS Tape] (1992) Tom Baker

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Keep Calm and Don’t Blink, Printed Baby Grow – Kelly Green/White 0-3 Months

Keep Calm and Don’t Blink, Printed Baby Grow

Product Features

  • A fantastic printed item you can wear or present as a gift
  • Professionaly printed to highstreet standards
  • Fully machine washable

The Shakespeare Code

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Dr Who Boy’s Quartz Watch with LCD Dial Digital Display and Blue Plastic or Pu Strap DR127

Yet again another superb example of what Character Watches is all about, impressive design, functionality and great value for money to. The Boys Magnigying Compass Watch DR127 like all Character Watches watches are durable and long lasting. Of course your new DR127 Boys Magnigying Compass Watch will also arrive with all the official Character Watches warranty documentation for your complete peace of mind.

Product Features

  • Dr Who Kids Watch
  • LCD, digital display
  • Velcro fastenings
  • Magnifier and light
  • Dalek Sounds



‘Keep Calm and Don’t Blink’ – Doctor Who Vinyl Wall Decor (Small: 30cm x 60cm / 12″ x 24″)

SKU: 140907

If you don’t leave message in 2 hours we will use default colours and direction (usually as on first picture)
Very Quick and Easy to use. No paint, no tools, no sticky paste necessary. Just peel and stick these wall decals without a hassle to most smooth surfaces. What are Wall Decals? Wall decals are a custom cut, vinyl materials that are sticky on one side. It is similar to a sticker but is not made out of paper. Wall decals are durable,long lasting and will never peel off any surface. Wall decals can be applied to almost any surface, such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, painted walls and more. Attention: Applying decals on a rough wood surface, or uneven surface will be a bit more difficult. The colour could be slightly different from the picture depending on your monitor setting.
Gallery is illustration purpose only. Pictures may not be representative of their actual size.

Additional Information

Materials: High quality vinyl (5 years guarantee.)
By Broomsticker.co.uk
Item Location United Kingdom
Manufacturer Broomsticker.co.uk
Production Made-to-Order
Dispatch Ready to dispatch within Next working day

Genuine broomsticker.co.uk product.

Product Features

  • Colour: Black
  • Fully removable
  • Easy application stickers
  • Install area : It can be sticked to any smooth surfaces (indoor and outdoor)
  • No glue or painting needed!! Get instant change!!

Doctor Who Icons Rubber Wristband- 65mm Diameter x 25mm High

If you consider yourself a bit of a sci-bi buff then this brilliant wristband will make the perfect finish to any outfit. Featuring some of the most iconic characters from Doctor Who, these simple designs include the Tardis, the Daleks and the Cybermen. Officially licensed.

Product Features

  • Wristband
  • Brand New
  • Sent Securely in Protective Packaging

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