There seems to be more than ever people with ailments and sicknesses that the doctors cannot seem to cure. People are suffering every day and even doctors who claim to be the best in their field cannot relieve their suffering. Today’s society is in need of a change. I was very much in need of such a change just a few years ago. My overall health was in terrible shape. I seemed to catch every little thing that came along and I felt miserable most of the time. I had no energy and I could feel my body growing weaker each and every day. I visited doctor after doctor but no one could tell me what was wrong with me. I read everything on the subject of alternative medicine. What I discovered completely changed my life! I would love to share the secrets with you and my new special CD on alternative medicine does just that! Ø Conventional Treatments vs. Alternative Treatments Ø How Can Alternative Treatments be paid for? Ø Questions to Ask your Doctor Ø I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I have learned in order to understand alternative medicine and how to benefit from it, I will share with you! Alternative medicine systems say that health isn’t mere absence of disease. Life ought to be lived with enthusiasm, and absence of enthusiasm too is a sign of ill health. Alternative medicine tries to ensure that this purpose of life is maintained, as a person without a purpose in life cannot function to the fullest of his abilities. I show you how to improve your health with alternative medicine; no matter what your current health condition might happen to be. This comprehensive special CD covers the following extra topics: Ø Acupuncture Ø Biofeedback Ø Chakras Ø Chiropractics Ø Colour Therapy Ø Craniofacial Therapy Ø Feng Shui Ø Healing Crystals Ø Herbal Remedies Ø Homeopathy Treatments Ø Massage Therapy Ø Meditation Ø Native American Medicine Ø Reflexology Ø Reiki Ø Tai Chi Ø Tibetan Medicine Ø Traditional Chinese Medicine Ø Yoga and much more

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