Altura Transformer Windproof Jkt – Red/Black, XL (14TBN4502)

If you’re ready to go out for a ride but can’t decide if the sun is going to come out or it is going to stay over cast, the fear not, we have in the Altura Transformer jacket that can accommodate to either without the fuss and without taking up storage space in your backpack. How you may ask? Well the clue is in the title, this jacket comes with easy detachable sleeves to transform this good looking jacket to a short sleeve jersey in seconds, and it takes up less space than if you were to take off a full jacket. You don’t even need a bag to stow away the arms, simply put the arms of the Altura Transformer into the rear pocket. This Altura jacket is made from stretch, water repellent windproof React panels which is ideal if you end up getting caught in the odd shower so all the underneath layers are kept dry. This is also a windproof jacket so that windchill is kept at bay on those colder mornings. The cycling jacket also features reflective trim which is ideal if you end up riding too long and the sun goes down or you want an early morning ride, the reflective trim will help to keep you visible in poorer lighting conditions. The Altura Transformer windproof jacket needs to be seen to be believed! It easily transforms into what you need and takes up literally no space at all. It’s windproof and water repellent features will ensure that you keep unwanted elements from ruining your ride and it is especially handy when you just can’t predict the weather.

Product Features

  • The Altura Transformer Windproof jacket is perfect for the days when you don’t know how the weather is going to turn out! It turns from a full jacket to a short sleeve jersey in the blink of an eye
  • Stretch, water repellent, windproof React panels
  • Easily transforms from long to short sleeve while wearing
  • Sleeves roll up and fit in to rear pocket
  • Reflective trim, 100% Polyester