Doctor Who Series 4 Vespiform Collect And Build Donna Noble Action Figure

An insectivorous alien from the Silfrax galaxy, a Vespiform arrived in India in the 1880’s, and transmogrified itself into a human male known only as Christopher. It fell in love with an English aristocrat, Clemency Eddison and impregnated her, and left her with a special jewel, the Firestone. After ‘Christopher’ died in a storm, the pregnant Lady Eddison returned to England. Forty years later she was reunited with the half Vespiform, half human son, now living as the Reverend Golightly. Transforming back and forth into a murderous Vespiform, Golightly was being influenced by the telepathic Firestone which was being worn when Lady Eddison read the crime novels of Agatha Christie. The Vespiform eventually allowed itself to be drowned, and so saved Agatha’s life.

Product Features

  • Donna Noble in coat.
  • Vespiform Collect and Build Part.

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