Doctor Who TARDIS Collectible Set with K-9 Figure by Bif Bang Pow! [Toy]

Travel through time and space with the Doctor! Extraordinary TARDIS Collectible Set based on the sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. Amazing interior features a detailed Master Control Console!, Made of thick dollhouse-like cardboard in a retro 1970s style. Includes a bonus figurine of the Doctor’s trusty cyberdog, K-9! This extraordinary TARDIS Collectible Set is based on the ever-popular sci-fi TV series Doctor Who., It measures approximately 11-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide x 5 1/2-inches long when closed, and includes an opening door and a bonus figurine of the Doctor’s trusty cyberdog, K-9. The TARDIS’ interior is truly amazing with its transparent time rotor that can be raised and lowered, and the detailed Master Control Console that features various authentic controls and readout displays., In a retro 1970s style, the TARDIS Collectible Set is made of thick dollhouse-like cardboard, and scaled for a Bif Bang Pow! 8-inch Doctor Who Action Figure (not included). Magnetic strips ensure that the playset walls snap closed when you’re traveling through time and space. Ages 14 and up. In Doctor Who, the BBC’s long-running, award-winning sci-fi television series, TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space., It looks just like a wooden Police phone box from the 1950s on the outside, but is of infinite proportions on the inside. This incredible time machine is piloted by the Doctor, a mysterious Time Lord, and is able to transport him anywhere through time and space, disappearing in one place and reappearing somewhere new. The Doctor’s (and humanity’s) best friend, K-9, is a robotic canine that was first introduced in the Doctor Who story arc ‘The Invisible Enemy.’