Doctor Who – The Time Warrior [1973] [VHS]

Doctor Who – The Time Warrior [1973] [VHS] [VHS Tape] (1989) Jon PertweeDating back to the mid-1970s, and starring Jon Pertwee in the title role, The Time Warrior is a superb part of Doctor Who‘s back catalogue, and is every bit as enjoyable today as it was back then.

Notable as much for introducing Elisebeth Sladen’s iconic Sarah-Jane Smith to Doctor Who, The Time Warrior finds UNIT investigating the disappearance of a number of their top scientists. Soon, it appears that it’s a Sontaran (surely one of the classic Doctor Who villains) to blame, who has been kidnapping said scientists and dragging them back in time. And it’s up to the Doctor and his new companion to get to the bottom of it all.

Thus the scene is set for a Doctor Who adventure in the midst of medieval Britain, and a rollicking good one it is too. In spite of the fact that it was their first story together, the crackling chemistry between Pertwee and Sladen is there for all to enjoy, and courtesy of a cracking, twisty script, there’s plenty to enjoy here. It’s all aided by a supporting cast who more than do it all justice too, with Nicholas Courtenay’s Brigadier aided by the likes of June Brown and Bella Emberg!

With a glimpse into the back story of the Doctor, and plenty of rewatch value too, The Time Warrior is an unmissable adventure in Doctor Who‘s heritage, and one that would be real folly to miss. —Jon Foster