herb gardening-amazing tips for people who want to grow herbs at home-the complete guide (doctor garden books collection)

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If you want to eat healthy vegetables. If you are concerned with you and your family’s health and don’t want vegetables filled with poisons and chemicals to enter your body, then this is the book for you.

Growing vegetables, spices and fruits allows you to avoid using chemical composts, insecticides, hormones, and antibiotics. All of which have been found in non-organic crops.

Starting your own organic herbal garden can be very tasking and time-consuming.

You might even wonder why you’d want to go through all the trouble and hard work herbal gardening entails when in fact, you can just buy the spices you want from the commercial stores. Really, why choose to do gardening when you can save yourself from all the dirt and perspiration you might get from it? Why indeed? Well, having an herbal garden can do a lot of wonders in your life and your health. It’s also refreshing and fun! There’s more to it than the anticipated time and hard work you need to devote on it.

  • In this guide let us provide you with a list of commonly used spices that you could initially plant to your garde
  • In this guide I gathered tips and techniques from over 20 years of experience , to help you in your organic garden with simple explanations and illustrations.

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