Recently the Kardashians launched their own make-up line in the United States. With the release of the make-up line they bring their love for beauty within reach of women worldwide. The high quality products bring the looks for which the Kardashian sisters are famous within reach of women worldwide.

The products are suitable for women of all skin colors, skin types and ages. The line features all kinds of make-up products based on exquisite formulas. Each of the products in the Kardashian Beauty range has been designed to deliver a sense of luxury at an affordable price.

Product Features

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  • ‘Eye Fidelity’ Waterproof Long Lasting Mascara – No matter where you wind up, your lashes will stay put. Cry at weddings (or after weddings), shed tears of laughter in movies, take a catnap, dance until dawn, wink, blink, and bat without a second thought. this waterproof formula thickens and darkens dramatically all day/night. Look bright-eyed for hours with beautiful smudge-free lashes that stay true to form.
  • ‘Kourtney’s Kardazzle’ Complete Face Palette – All the colours you want, none that you don’t! Just grab and go, put it in your handbag, it’s everything you need to touch up from day to night. Don’t miss the boat with gigantic train cases filled with colours you’ll never wear – get on the right track with Kardashian Beauty Khloe Kardazzle Palette. All the colours you want, and nothing you don’t, in a chic, portable compact that slips right into a purse or evening clutch.
  • ‘Natural Honey’ Honey Stick Lipgloss – Soothing nectar infused with real honey for sweet, kissable lips. Dip into the honey pot for a soft bee-stung pout. Kardashian Beauty Honey Pots Lip Conditioner is available in Natural (colourless) and Rose (a touch of rosy colour). Sleep with your Kardashian Beauty Honey Pots Lip Conditioner to condition lips at night.
  • Please Note These Products Do Not Come Gift Wrap Or In A Gift Box.