Weeping Angel: WEEPING ANGEL

When prim deportment teacher Edwina Huntington finds herself co-owner of a warehouse with rugged sportsman Tom Wolcott, togetherness in Harmony, Montana, is anything but. And as soon as they discover that they clash more than their choices of paint color — lemon yellow and slaughter red — sparks fly in every shade. Edwina wants to educate women on the ceremonies of society, as preparation for marriage — though she’s resigned to spinsterhood. Tom hasn’t thought much about matrimony one way or the other — his world of big guns and big grizzlies has kept him plenty occupied — until now.
Equally fierce-willed, Edwina and Tom square off for a showdown. But they’re both helpless in the face of the powerful attraction that explodes between them, and soon the battle of the sexes rages in a new direction…true love.