12x Flicking 7 Colour rechargeable Changing LED Candles Mood Lights for Festivals

Flicking like real candle
Blow to turn on / off
7 colors changing
Long lasting: battery included can operate for 48 hours continuously
Built-in LED bulb can be last for 100000 hours
Package included:
12 x LED Candle
12 x Containing Cup

Product Features

  • Gradual colour changing LED light with 7 colour change – the lights don’t blink! They blend from one colour to the next to create the perfect mood
  • Cast in an attractive tea light shape: create fantastic table decoration easily
  • High efficiency LED: candles will last for 24-48 hours continuously, or a week if used 4-6 hours a day
  • Great for parties, weddings, festivals, events and for your home or garden
  • Batteries pre-installed. They are easy to replace and widely available so you’ll never have to replace these candles again