13 Days – Part One (13 Days in Lochterra Trilogy)

The sound of aquamarine waves hitting the beach, the fragrant salt spray carried across their conversations, a tangerine sunset melting into the horizon glazed with the silhouettes of surfers perching atop the perfect wave – this was going to be the summer they’d been anticipating for years.

And it proved to be a summer, a lifetime, they would never forget as April, Skye, Derek and Kieren fell into a world far beyond and so unlike their own.

In another time, another place, faced with danger on every side, the four must come into the fullness of their powers, defeat the enemy who is hell-bent on the destruction of the world, restore Lochterra to the people who live there, and locate a portal to return to their beach-front home . . .

. . . all within 13 Days.