beige leather plus golden faience, rivet bracelet, with Dalek inspired hemisspheres

without modesty: this is an aesthetic world first:
faience shapes encased in genuine leather

Stoneware: All our glazes have a handmade look;
no uniformity, just what you would expect in pottery.
leather: Two layers of leather touch the stones. The decorative stitching is the 3rd colour, allowing colour-harmony: leather, earthenware, stitches

Dalek balls (hemispheres) look rather feminine, thanks to the of the rounding But it is a bluff . One can poke with them quite strongly. Real Daleks are evil robots and have 52 hemispheres, see “Doctor Who” (© BBC, author Terry Nation).

Product Features

  • golden spheres on brown leather
  • three colours in harmony: leather, faïence, ornamental seamless
  • fits 9/10th of all wrists, 14-19 CM circumference
  • brand: Alea Moda
  • faience shapes encased in genuine leather