Doctor Who: The Time of the Companions: Book One (Doctor Who: The Companions Adventure 1)

All four Doctors, 9,10, 11, & 12 are at separate times in their lives. 9 has just undergone a misadventure where he took Rose to her past to see her father and she cracked the universe. 10 has just lost Martha and Astrid. 11 has just saved Clara from the Great Intelligence, and 12 has just lost Clara and gained a new companion Bill.
And yet all four find their paths disrupted when 12 finds himself eventually crossing paths with Donna Noble, 11 stumbles on Martha Jones, 10 collides into Amy and Rory, and 9 accidently gets sought after by Clara Oswald. Each undergoes a separate adventure where each Doctor ends up having a journey with a companion that belongs to another Doctor.
Here comes a side adventure of the beloved characters of Doctor Who!

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