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“Garmin echo 200 Echo 200 Dual Beam 5″” Fishfinder TM/Trolling Xducer”

“Garmin Fishfinder echo 200 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Garmin echo&trade 200 dual beam 5 inch fishfinder features a HD-ID target tracking technology, enhances the separation and gives the excellent fish arch presentation. This fishfinder works on a new AutoGain technology to see more fish in water. The echo 200 visualise even the bottom part on fast refereshing. This systems dual beam transducers enables you in scanning upto 1500 feet in shallow water. The echo 200 features a Smooth Scalling&trade technology for clear view of the image. This maintains the sonar history as the unit changes depth ranges and also allows you to rewind your sonar history in order to ensure that you haven’t missed a thing. echo 200 Features: Dual Beam Fishfinder w/ Transducer, Part Number: 010-00953-00, 5″” Screen -Grayscale Display, Dual Beam Transducer -See More Fish in Shallow Water, Ultrascroll High-Rep-Rate Sonar, New AutoGain Technology to See More Fish, 300 Watts (RMS), 2400 Watts (PTP) Power Output, 1500 Feet Depth, HD-ID Technology Featuring for Excellent Fish Arch Presentation & Bottom Tracking, Whiteline, Alarms, Split-Screen Zoom, Adjustable Depth Line Measures Depth Underwater, A-scope Display of Fish Passing Through Transducer Beam, Fish Symbol ID, Included FREE: Power Cable, Quick Release Mount w/ Tilt & Swivel, Transducer w/ Mounting Bracket, Hardware & Trolling Motor Clamp, Water Temperature Sensor, Instruction Manual”

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