Weeping Angels

Glossy vinyl sticker pack: KEEP CALM DON’T BLINK LIME LIGHT GREEN WW2 WWII PARODY SIGN (4 stickers, 10.5x7cm / 4.1×2.8in)

One high-quality glossy vinyl sticker pack.
Size: 4 stickers, 10.5x7cm / 4.1×2.8in.
Media: Glossy self-adhesive vinyl printed with HP Vivera pigment inks and laminated with glossy UV laminate.

Our premium laminated vinyl stickers are durable and are perfect for cars, motorcycles and caravans, laptops and mobile phones, scrapbooking and collecting, reselling, and product labelling! They have a strong permanent adhesive on the back, but can be removed without leaving any residue.

Product Features

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