Motorola Blink1 WiFi Remote Access Digital Video Baby Monitor

Be there from anywhere
If you have ever been away from home and wanted more than a text message from the baby sitter to assure you your baby is sleeping soundly, then the Motorola Blink should be on your wish list this year.
Whether you are a parent on a night out, who travels away with work, or a grandparent who just wants to check in, the Motorola Blink1 allows you to watch the little one sleeping from wherever you are in the world.
Connect up to four devices to the camera; Mum’s Android smartphone, Sister’s iphone, Dad’s tablet, Grandma’s laptop and always feel safe in the knowledge that those that care for your little one the most can check in at any time.
Use the controls in the app to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera, whether it is to get the best possible view whilst your baby wriggles in their sleep or for those all important moments in your baby’s development. First word, first smile, first step…
The ‘Blink’ also boasts a two-way communication function so that you can read a story to your child when away from home. It can also handily be used to talk to your partner while rocking your baby to sleep.
You can be confident that the 100% secure ‘Monitor Everywhere’ server only allows those devices and users that you have setup, to have access to the camera. You are able to register up to four password protected users and Android and Apple smart devices to each camera.
Use the controls in the app to capture unforgettable snapshot & video recordings. Special moments like their first smile, first step, first word…and store on an SD Memory Card
The Motorola Blink is equipped with a room temperature sensor which is will show up on the receivers display. You can ensure that it never gets too hot or too cold.
The Motorola Blink is equipped with Infrared technology which means you can see in your baby’s room without having to switch on any lights which will disturb the babies sleep.
Lull your baby to sleep with the available set of polyphonic lullabies

Product Features

  • IPhone, IPan, Android or PC Baby Monitor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Night Vision
  • Remote Movable Camera
  • Baby Monitor