Weeping Angels

THE MUMMY’S TRAP …waits for Josh, Amy & Cousin Harry (The Mummy Monster Game Series)

A mummy’s trap… a mysterious ancient Egypt computer game… a trap set for three children…
Aunt Jillian, the Egyptologist, has mysteriously gone missing in Egypt. Then cousin Harry receives a disturbing new ancient Egyptian computer game called The Mummy Rescue Mission. Josh, Amy and Harry must rescue a woman archaeologist who lies trapped inside an unknown tomb and the game is played in real time. They have just 72 hours in which to rescue the archaeologist before her air runs out.
But is it just a computer game? There are unsettling echoes in real life. Could the game be warning them? Yet if Aunt Jillian is in trouble, how can they hope to find a tomb that has lain hidden for thousands of years? The game provides all the hi-tech tools of modern archaeology, also amazing virtual reality experiences and characters, and draws them deeper and deeper into a web. Perhaps they can solve the mystery of the tomb’s location by entering a scary cyberworld past, where the experiences may be virtual, but the risks are very real. But they must act quickly — time and air are running out.

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