Underground Toys Doctor Who 5.5″ Rose & K9 Action Figure Set (2 Pack)

Rose Tyler was a shop-girl from the present day. From the moment they met, the Doctor and Rose are soul mates. As they travel through history and the Universe, the Doctor shows her things beyond her imagination. She starts out as an innocent, fettered by earthly concerns, but now that she’s an adventurer will she ever come home again? The original K-9 was a mobile computer in the shape of a dog constructed by Professor Marius to be companion for him in deep space. He traveled with the Doctor and when he left the Doctor made two further versions on the same design. The second, K-9 Mark III, he sent to his old friend Sarah Jane Smith. K-9 has defensive capabilities in the form of a retractable laser in his nose.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed 5.5″ Doctor Who characters Rose Tyler & K-9.
  • Re-enact your favorite Doctor Who scenes with these great action figures!
  • Collect all your favorite characters from the worldwide hit show Doctor Who!
  • For ages 5+.
  • The perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan or collector!

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