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Underground Toys Doctor Who Large Party Plates, Set of 8

Underground Toys “Doctor Who” Large Party Plates, Set of 8

The Doctor has regenerated again and is asking you to come and party with him in his time machine, the TARDIS! What better way to celebrate being the next companion to travel through the Time Vortex and see all of time and space than by using these special square paper plates designed to look like the front door of the Bigger on the Inside, Big Blue Box, herself? These sexy 9 inch plates are as durable as the TARDIS, itself, perfect for enjoying a banana, as you should always bring one to a party, or fish fingers and custard, but not apples, apples are rubbish. The planet Earth, past, present, or even now, will enjoy partying with you and that lovable mad man when you complete your tableware with these fun paper plates.

Contains 8 Plates
Plate Size: 9 Inches

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