Underground Toys Doctor Who Party Napkins, Set of 20

Underground Toys “Doctor Who” Party Napkins, Set of 20

The Doctor is here to save the day and what better way to celebrate being the next companion to travel through the Time Vortex and see all of time and space than by adding these gorgeous 3-ply napkins designed to look like the front door of the Police Box, herself. These large napkins are as durable as the TARDIS, itself, perfect for party use or cleaning up after the latest alien invasion of Earth.

Napkin Size: 6.5 inches
Contains 20 Napkins

Product Features

  • Versatile for all your favorite incarnations of the Doctor
  • Beautiful, blue TARDIS police box design
  • Durable and sturdy, perfect for wiping up the mess after the Daleks try invading again
  • 3-Ply, 6.5 inches when folded
  • Contains 20 napkins

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