Glazed Dr Doctor Who Blue Police Box Tardis Coffee Tea Large Soup Mug

Ceramic Dr Who Tardis Mug. Modelled on the iconic Police Box from Doctor Who. Thick ceramic design. Stylish high glaze finish. Large size for greater capacity. Perfect for sharing. Durable round handle. Great gift for Doctor Who fans. Size (cm): H10.5 x W14.5 x D9.5 Dr Who fans can enjoy their morning tea, afternoon coffee or lunchtime soup in this iconic Police Box mug. The Doctor Who mug is made from ceramic and has been beautifully modelled on the Police Box used as the Doctor’s Tardis spacecraft. The Doctor Who Tardis mug has a deceivingly large interior, much like the Tardis in the hit television series. It’s perfect for Whovians who enjoy their tea or coffee on the large side, or for lovebirds who like to share. The Doctor Who mug’s thick ceramic design has a glossy high glaze finish, which gives ita highly attractive sheen. This makes the Dr Who mug a great display piece for a kitchen or for a Doctor Who fan’s memorabilia collection.Material: CeramicFinish: High glazeNot suitable for microwaveNot suitable for dishwasherSize (cm): H10.5 x W14.5 x D9.5

Product Features

  • Dr Who Police Box Tardis mug
  • Thick and durable ceramic design
  • Attractive high glaze finish
  • Great gift for Doctor Who fans
  • Size (cm): H10.5 x W14.5 x D9.5