Brace: A New Generation in Short Fiction (New Writer Showcase)

BRACE – the latest in Comma’s acclaimed series of anthologies, featuring the best of the UK’s emerging short story writers.

Charlotte Allan, Juliet Bates, Annie Clarkson, Adam Connors, Steve Dearden, Paul de Havilland, Tyler Keevil, Chris Killen, Richard Knight , Jacqueline McCarrick, Neil McQuillian, Heather Richardson, David Rose, Guy Russell, and Guy Ware.

…Organ-playing wunderkinds, poets on government re-employment schemes, unlikely celebrity party guests…

While these stories take in a vast array of subjects and styles, they share a common attribute: they demand our participation, urging us to fill in the blanks, the spaces between the words.

They’re stories that always keep something held back – whether it’s a concealed motivation, a mysterious confederation of the familiar and the far-fetched, or an image with the eloquence to convey what a character could never articulate – it’s their very reticence that makes them so compelling.