Cranium Minis

Product Features

  • Quick, effective brain workouts that fit in your life. Have 90 seconds? You have time for a brain booster!
  • Play Sequence – Tap the 9 squares in the correct numeric or alphabetical order. Be careful! If you forget any part of the sequence you have to start over! Work on you short term memory and your sequencing skills!
  • Picker – Tap the shapes that contain a word that matches its position, color, or shape. Don’t be fooled into choosing too quickly! This game requires attention to detail and focus. Work on overcoming distractions and focusing on what is most important!
  • Memory Match – Tap the matching items. Tons of fun and challenging modes including colors, symbols, numbers, and letters that help you think sharper and practice your memory skills!
  • Play Follow Me – follow and reproduce the color sequence, one blink at a time. Varying levels of difficulty for a greater challenge!
  • Brain Games and Memory Boosters brought to you by Brain Based Solutions, the creators of Cranium Crunches