Dead Men Don’t Blink Twice

Sidney Sampson had no idea that one fateful day while doing fieldwork and investigating a dead officer’s crime scene, her whole life would change. One man, who should be dead, flutters his eyelashes on her cheek. Sidney squirms needlessly to get off the dead cop’s body, from the recent bomb explosion that landed her there. What happens next is a total misunderstanding between them. The flutter of his lashes and the firm member of his anatomy told her that dead men don’t blink twice.
Once a simple life and career, following the footstep of her father who raised her alone, Sidney was more than ready for change. Her job as a police coroner was not her dream job, but it was where life led her while growing up without a mother. In fact, her whole life was in dire need of change. She wanted a better job, but had no idea what. She wanted fun female friends, but only ended up with dull boring friends. She wanted to find her feminine wiles along with a sex life, all she has gotten lately was a kiss on the forehead after a blind date, and a boring closet filled with durable work khakis and brown comfortable work loafers.
Life is about to change for Sidney. Could she learn how to be her own woman, finding more purpose in life without falling head over heels in love with a man who is so wrong for her in so many ways?
My gut instinct was to run, but instead I started to stand up and tripped over the dead cop’s body. My entire body landed almost squarely on top of him. My face landed next to his, with my cheek on his eyes. I felt a flutter of his lashes against my cheek.
I froze.
Holy shit I thought to myself. I just thought I felt the dead cop move. My mind was a tornado of possibilities while my mouth kept forming the words ‘oh my god’ in a slow whispering drawl right next to his left ear.
What happened next almost sent me through the roof but my body could not move. I felt frozen in time. I continued with deep slow breathing tossing in a ‘oh my God’ once in a while. As all this was happening, I wiggled my body a little and realized what I felt was a complete and utter misunderstanding between Detective Jason Black and me. He was hard and not in the sense that death had set in. He was rock hard in his privates, and his eyelashes kept batting at my cheek. I screamed out. “Stop!” Then he did.
“Oh my God. You’re not dead. Dead men don’t blink. Jesus! You’re not dead are you?” I felt his eyelashes blink up and down along my cheek twice. “Dead men don’t blink twice.” I screamed and backed off his body and fast as I could with an awkward motion right past his privates and an accidentally knock with my knee, and he let out a groan.
Oh shit. I just knocked the dead cop in the nuts. Only this would happen to me. It took a second groan to make me realize this was all real. From there I went into rescue mode and scrambled fast. It took me under a minute to grab my cell and my case and rush to the dead cop – but now alive cop’s side.