Doctor Who 5 inch R/C Iron Side Dalek

The Daleks are a powerful race of aliens bent on conquest and domination. Help them purge the universe of all non-Dalek life with the Doctor Who Infrared Battle 5″ Remote Control Ironside Dalek . This fully functional remote control Dalek measures 5″ (13.5cm) and operates on a 27Mhz frequency. The Ironside Dalek features 360 degree movement control, a built in combat system, flashing lights and even Dalek speech. Both the arm and and gun are poseable and can be changed. In order to use the infrared combat system 2 Daleks of different control frequencies are required, more specifically, this 27Mhz Dalek and an additional 40Mhz Dalek. The Doctor Who Infrared Battle, 5″ Remote Control Ironside Dalek is a great remote control toy for boys and fans of the Doctor Who TV series.

Product Features

  • 5 inch R/C Dalek Ironside
  • a perfect addition to your Doctor Who collection
  • Built in infrared combat system allowing 2 Daleks to battle each other
  • Dalek voice with flashing lights