Doctor Who Chess Set

Chess can be a baffling game. You spend most of it trying to figure out whatÕs going on, while taking fire from your enemy. And even when it looks like all hope is lost, you canÕt help sticking around to see how it ends Ð just like an episode of Doctor Who, then. Well, you can imagine our giddy squeals when we discovered that the two have been combined to create this Doctor Who Chess Set. Taking everyoneÕs favourite characters from the fifth series Ð including the bow-tie-wearing Doctor himself Ð this compelling collection pitches goodies against baddies. Ever thought chess was a dull game? Try going up against a Cyberman. Come along, Pond! Recommended For Ages 5 Plus

Product Features

  • Chess Set in the style of Doctor Who featuring characters from Doctor Who Series 5.
  • Character Options Doctor Who Chess Set includes 32 highly detailed Doctor Who characters captured in 3D lenticular images using the latest in motion printed technology.
  • Bringing some of the most beloved Doctor Who characters into 3D animated life
  • Suitable for ages 5+