Doctor Who – Electronic Sonic Screwdriver

He’s over 900 years old, travels through time and space and frequently faces armies of aliens with little more his trusted sonic screwdriver! Aah, long live the Doctor. Now you can own your very own version of the Doctor’s most trusted tool. This authentically-styled sonic screwdriver features a hidden UV pen and UV light to reveal your secret writing in addition to button-activated realistic sound and light effects. So, whether you’re looking to defeat Daleks, scupper Sontarans or simply stay out of the shadows, this is an essential for all Whovians – young and old alike!

Product Features

  • includes a hidden UV pen & UV light which reveals your secret writing
  • Button activated lights & ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ sound effects
  • Includes wallet with “Wipe-Clean” paper. UV ink nib and black ink nib
  • Requires 3x AG13 Batteries (included)