Doctor Who – Genesis Ark Set (4 Daleks Plus Ark)

The Genesis Ark – A Time Lord artifact based on the same technology as the TARDIS, it’s infinitely large on the inside. Used as a prison vessel it holds captive an entire Dalek army of millions… until they are released, that is, by four renegade Daleks… the Cult of Skaro , led by a black Dalek named Sec. Intended as an invasion force, they battle the Cyberman for control of the Earth until the Doctor steps in and saves the day. Recreate scenes from the Dr Who episode Doomsday with this Genesis Ark Gift Set. Includes Dalek Sec (black Dalek), Dalek they, Dalek Jast, and Dalek Kan from the Cult of Skaro and the infamous Ark, which must be protected by the Daleks above all else! Daleks are free wheeling and feature full head, eye & arm poseability. One standard Dalek features removeable arm, gun & eye stalk so it can be placed inside the Ark!

Product Features

  • Please note- No returns if box is opened, due to being a Collectable Gifttogadget
  • genesis ark with removable front panel
  • 3 x Push Along Gold Daleks & 1 x Black Dalek Sec
  • All Daleks are Fully Posable, Approx 7 ” tall
  • Collectable Set