Doctor Who – Genesis of the Daleks (2 Disc Set) [DVD] [1975]

One of the finest stories of the classic Doctor Who age, Genesis Of The Daleks finds Tom Baker at his peak in the lead role, and ultimately facing one of the most significant moral dilemmas of his era as the Time Lord. That’s alongside the small matter of his most infamous enemies.

This is the adventure that goes right back to the roots of the Daleks, from their humble beginnings to the point where they become the Doctor’s most fearsome foes. Across the six episodes, we find that the Doctor has been sent to the planet Skaro, where he discovers the evil genius Davros, who is about to fully unleash his deadliest creations into the universe. Accompanied by Harry and Sarry, The Doctor also finds himself stuck in the middle of an ongoing war between the Thals and The Kaleds, in a story packed with danger and adventure.

It’s also grounded in the kind of excellent storytelling that has frequently allowed classic Doctor Who to overcome its low budget roots. And Genesis Of The Daleks is one of the finest examples of just how it manages it. Thanks to a tightly woven script, and a strong cast led by Tom Baker at his finest in the lead role, Genesis Of The Daleks is rightly regarded as one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time. It really isn’t hard to see why.–Simon Brew