Doctor Who Ninth Doctor and Dalek Figure Pack

Highly detailed and realistic action figure collection that celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who

Each pack includes a fully poseable 5-inch Doctor and a free-wheeling Dalek from the same era that features moveable eye stalk and gun arm

The Ninth Doctor with Dalek (Parting of the Ways): The Ninth Doctor was plain spoken and didn’t suffer fools gladly

In spite of this, he still had an irrepressible curiosity and unmistakeable alien outlook, which allowed him to charm and beguile friends and foes alike

After a fantastic series of adventures, this Doctor was saved by Rose Tyler – she channelled the Time Vortex through herself, unleashing it’s power in order to destroy the new Dalek fleet

In return the Doctor saved his companion by absorbing the Time Vortex from her, causing him to regenerate

More Info:
Colour: Black

Recommended age: 5 years +

Product Features

  • Doctor Who Twin Pack – Ninth Doctor and Dalek
  • Cleva Edition H8′ Bundle
  • Recommended age: 5 years +