Doctor Who – The New Series – Series 2 – Vol. 5 [DVD] [2005]

The second series of the new Doctor Who disappears with a bang, thanks to an excellent two-parter that throws in the Doctors’ old foes with the departure of companion Rose Tyler.

Yet this final disc of the series two collection actually kicks off with “Fear Her”, a decent enough way to spend three quarters of an hour, but far from the series highlight, and not the reason most people will buy this disc. It’s a breezy tale of a little girl whose disturbing drawings come to life, a premise admittedly with some promise. The execution though is fairly middle of the road, and save for some fun moments along the way, it’s fairly forgettable, if entertaining, stuff.

The closing two parter though is terrific. It kicks of with “Army Of Ghosts”, which finds the residents of Earth being visited by strange ghostly shapes, believed to be assorted relatives who have long since died. Predictably, that’s not the case, and much to the shock of Torchwood, an Earth-based organisation investigating alien technology, the world promptly finds itself pretty much invaded. And there’s still room for things to get worse in “Doomsday”, with more than one major villain from the Doctor’s past arriving on Earth, prompting a major battle, the return of faces from earlier in the series and a farewell to Rose Tyler.

It all wraps up another hugely successful series of Doctor Who, and once again does it with a considerably strong pair of final episodes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–we can’t wait to see how they’ll top it next time around… —Simon Brew