Dr Who Tardis Dressing Gown

The Dr Who Tardis Dressing Gown is the superb novelty bathrobe, paying homage to the time machine and space craft used by The Doctor himself in the show. From the earliest incarnations of William Hartnell and John Pertwee, right through to David Tennant and the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, Dr Who has log been television phenomenon in the UK. Nothing that epitomises the Doctor more than the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space). Sure as the Time Lords created it, now you can wear it! Our Tardis robe might not be able to transport you to any point in time, or place in the universe, but it sure is comfortable to wear and we think that is the most important thing. Made from luxurious 100% Cotton, the dressing gown is oversized with a huge hood and massive sleeves for added comfort. It features the official Dr Who logo on the back. The front of the robe features different patches with text, including: “Police public call box” (down the front), “Public telephone, free for use of public. Advice and assistance obtainable immediately. Officers and cars respond to all calls. Pull to open” and “St Johns Ambulance”.So stop time and have a chill out session in the coolest, ‘blue’est’, most comfortable dressing gown around. It could transport you to dreamland, before you know it! A great birthday or Christmas gift idea for the die-hard Doctor fan.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed Dr Who bath robe – ideal for fans of the television series
  • Features 2 front pockets, huge hood, large sleeves and waist tie
  • Large authentic “Dr Who” logo on the back
  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • Adult One Size. Fits almost all shapes and sizes