Little Leeta

Trapped alone in a tower in a land filled with magic, a young girl struggles to survive and to defy her captors. For as long as anyone can remember, the traditions of her kingdom require that one peasant girl be chosen every generation to become the future bride of the king’s heir. This time, Little Leeta is chosen and, as is custom, is bricked into a tower for years to await rescue by the king’s son when they are both old enough to marry. She is left enough food to keep her alive, a mysterious gift from an old lady of her village and instructions on how to make herself a “proper” lady worthy of becoming a princess or, more importantly, worthy of rescue at all.

Little Leeta is not protected from menace inside the tower walls. Enemies outside threaten to creep in and others spring up from within, ready to destroy her. But, she is not entirely alone. She hears a voice, a voice that speaks to her in her times of fear, trying to help her. Who is the voice? Where is it coming from? Can she defend herself from harm? What if she does not want to grow up to be the lady she is told to become? Is there another way out?