“Lovers-Tyler & Rose” Genuine Wall Sticker. Unique 200cm long self adhesive pre-cut Wallpaper, plotted for its outline, without a border and background colour-Respective Black.

This wallpaper comes in easy to handle strip, which is easy to join up as its repositionable, removable non paste self-adhesive wallpaper. Self-adhesive wallpaper is a revolutionary paste free, self-adhesive vinyl designed for indoor and outdoor wall applications. Its unique paste free adhesive means it can be placed on any (non-porous) flat surface. We recommend you assure that the surface on which you attach your wallsticker is: -free of dust and grease -smooth -free of silicone and oil

Product Features

  • Showed photos are examples only. Correct names “Tyler & Rose” will be send.
  • The finest quality film, stunning colours, detail and fade resistant for a lifetime.
  • Material: Thin, pliable PVC vinyl, water-resistant and UV-resistant foil.
  • Size: 200cm long.
  • Unique film coating, the motive looks like as if painted not stuck.