PK Green Set of 12 Colour Changing LED Candles, Mood Lights for Festivals

LED Candles are a stylish decorative addition to any home, wedding, party, or other occasion.

These colour changing tealights blend from one colour to the next. The lights don’t blink! They gradually change through a range of colours. You really have to see these lights to appreciate them…photographs don’t come close to doing them justice!

Presented in an attractive gift box, they make a great gift too!


Simply switch them on and watch them gradually change colour – without worrying about fire, smoke or wax dripping. The perfect decor accessory for parties, weddings, festivals, events, window displays, Christmas, and more.

These candles look great on their own in candle holders or when grouped together. Create a calm atmosphere, use them as safe portable night lights, or set the perfect mood for that special occasion…You won’t have to worry about changing the batteries for a long time when you buy these, because these lithium battery powered mood lights will last a week if used 4-6 hours a day!

And if you do need to replace the batteries, don’t worry. They’re easily replaceable and available from our online store too.

Unlike wax candles which burn out quickly, you won’t need to replace these candles ever again.

What’s more, you can use the candles indoors and outdoors – and they won’t heat up when you use them.

*The photos are for illustration purposes only* When the candles are off, the colour is white. When they’re switched on, the LED light illuminates the flame and the base with a gradually changing coloured glow.


– Height: 4.3cm (including flame), Diameter: 3.6cm
– Typical LED lifetime: 10,000 hours
– LED & battery case is ABS plastic
– Each candle is powered by a CR2032 Lithium button battery (fitted)
– Included: 12 Flameless Colour Changing LED Candles in a gift box

Product Features

  • Colour changing LED candles are flameless, waxless, heatless and long-lasting.
  • Lasts for more than 24 hours continuously!
  • LED light source – candles don’t heat up
  • Gradual seven colour change – the lights don’t blink! They blend from one colour to the next
  • Lithium button cell in each candle for long life – easy to replace and widely available too