Sherlock Holmes 2 Pack: Jack The Ripper & Nemesis

Game 1. Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper
Recognized as one of the best licenses in adventure gaming and lauded by the international press, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, is back in Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper. A single player gameplay investigation experience on the PC platform that is sure to be the most horrifying game of the Sherlock Holmes series, in this challenging new adventure, the famous detective and his ever-present sidekick Dr. Watson, race against time to stop the most threatening serial killer England has ever known – Jack the Ripper.
Game 2. Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis
Become Sherlock Holmes as you embark on a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and intrigue.  The master thief, Arsene Lupin, is on the loose and has challenged you to prevent him from stealing five priceless objects stored in prestigious locations all over London – The National Gallery, The British Museum and even Buckingham Palace!  This is the beginning of an extraordinary game of cat and mouse, packed with exciting puzzles where renowned landmarks are magnificently reproduced.

Product Features

  • Solve one of the greatest mysteries in the history of England and discover who is Jack the Ripper. 2 mythic characters of 19th century England engage in a horrifying manhunt: the illustrious Sherlock Holmes and the terrifying Jack the Ripper.
  • Discover the hidden side of London and the sinister streets of Whitechapel, all faithfully recreated (e.g. public work house, hospitals, brothels, etc.). Switch between playing the role of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes or his trusted friend Doctor Watson.
  • Darkness descends upon the city of London… one by one priceless items begin to disappear… you must bring them back. A battle of wits between the brilliant detective and cunning master thief. Interact with more than 40 unique characters as you delve deeper into your investigation.
  • Explore the most famous locations in London – The National Gallery, The British Museum, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and many more.  Each location is meticulously reproduced for you to admire throughout your adventure. Collect and combine over 100 objects and discover hundreds of clues and documents that lead the investigation to its final conclusion.
  • System Requirements… Windows 2000, XP, Vista / Pentium III or higher 1.3 GHz processor / 512 MB of RAM / 3 GB free Hard Disk space / 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card / DirectX 9.0 compatible Sound Card / 4X CD-ROM drive / Mouse / Keyboard / Speakers