Product Features

  • The Talking Timer is a multiple-modal electronic stopwatch that speaks the countdown time to you, and is a perfect timing tool in use at the gym when exercising, or outdoors running or in timing events or situations where you don’t what to be distracted but want to keep time.
  • Features include
  • -Text to speech announcement of timing time with mute button
  • -Adjustable setting for voice volume, speed and languages
  • -Very simple easy to use stopwatch
  • -Hour, minute and second timer settings
  • -Timer alarm sound setting
  • -Vibrate on Alarm setting
  • -Changeable Blink LED setting on alarm
  • -Wake up Screen on Alarm setting
  • Pop-up Inspirational, funny, motivational messages at the end of each Countdown.
  • -Alarm Time Out setting
  • -Persistent status icon setting