THE MUMMY’S TOMB. Josh, Amy & Cousin Harry hunt the secret of… (The Egypt Computer game novels)

Josh can scarcely believe it’s true: he and his sister Amy are actually in Egypt, about to voyage down the Nile aboard the cruise boat Tutankhamun with their cousin Harry and their Aunt Jillian, an archaeologist.

Before they leave on the cruise, Harry takes Josh and Amy to a mysterious little games shop in Cairo where he spends all his pocket money on a hand-held computer game – The Mummy Tomb Hunt. It’s an adventure quest game: an electronic treasure hunt for the lost tomb of a long-forgotten pharaoh. Harry can’t wait to start playing, but in spite of his own excitement, Josh is anxious. The game may not be all it seems …

The Mummy’s Tomb is a thrilling sequel to The Mummy’s Revenge.
The second in a trilogy of Egypt adventures now on Kindle with Josh, Amy and Cousin Harry.