Ultimate Regeneration

Sourced from the controversial reviews of www.kasterborous.com, this book charts the return of Doctor Who in 2005 with the episode Rose and via regenerations and new companions takes the reader through to the departure of the man who brought the show back, Russell T Davies.

Whether you enjoyed Davies’ vision of Doctor Who or not, Ultimate Regeneration tells the story of how the show was received both by the public and by a small group of long-term Doctor Who fans who really weren’t sure if they would enjoy a reformatted version of their favourite show.

Some reviews might be considered scathing; others generous. Emotions can run high when the subject is your favourite television show, so prepare to be astonished and dismayed as the regular contributors of one of the Internet’s most popular Doctor Who websites learned to stop worrying and love the modern series.

Ultimate Regeneration is written and edited by Christian Cawley and features contributions from Brian A. Terranova, Thomas Willam Spychalski, Simon R. Mills and Nick Brown.